Crying investor Home Improvement fails

22 Crying Investors that Wished they used a Contractor!

We all know an investor or two that simply insist on doing all their own fixes in their flips. Well sometimes that just doesn’t work out, does it? Always, always find a good contractor to come in and fix your mistakes, and take a picture so we can all get a good laugh!

This investor’s inverted depth perception – M.C. Escher?
This investor giving new meaning to “Stud Finders” everywhere.
This investor that will be stuck there for 12-24 hours.
This investor overestimated how high cats can jump.
This investor that assumed a $5 can of spray foam should hold it.
This investor’s one extra cut on the fan install to make it perfect.
This investor who clearly doesn’t have OCD issues.
This investor that is wishing he closed the door first.
This investor that found out doors come in different sizes the hard way.
This DIY investor who couldn’t understand why the door wouldn’t close.
This Investor who now knows to take the doors off to paint.
This investor penny pinching using the old kitchen faucet to save $50.
This investor who just gave his satellite dish a cool necklace.
This investor who made his walls bleed foam.
This investor trying to figure out what went wrong.
This investor (and stove top) just discovered how heavy those microwaves really are!
This investor gets to install the doorstop again with the door closed this time.
This investor and part-time plumber with a new permanently installed step ladder.
This investor couldn’t be bothered with toilet seat installation instructions.
This investor running back to HomeDepot to get another shower door after a stop at the ER.
This investor figuring out how to save his trapped ladder.
This investor that didn’t quite measure all the required distances.

Damon Simon

Damon is a real estate investor, a serial entrepreneur, a writer, developer, and a graphic designer. Damon started as a graphic designer in the 90s and quickly created his own affiliate network in the early affiliate marketing boom of 2000's. Next Damon began his real estate career in 2010 and enjoys it as a side hustle when he is not nurturing bits of code & content for his baby,

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