terrible real estate listing pictures

Absolutely Bonkers Terrible MLS listing Pictures

These are the worst of the worst real estate listing pictures we could find. These were all grabbed from actual MLS listings.

For each of these pictures, imagine an agent saying “Yep this is good to post to the listing, this will sell sell sell!” What were these people thinking??

What were the sellers thinking?

Here’s some really terrible real estate agent photographs, the worst of the worst!

This listing features the next apocalyptic video game set.

Who says you need to spend all that money on AC? Old man Jenkins saved $100’s over the years with this “chair in the open fridge” method!

This room is the “Space Trip” room complete with Alien robots to watch your back!

Nothing says “Value” like a home with old man shower feature in the back. Yes, this was in the listing people!

Nothing enforces “Firm on Price” better than this listing picture.

This property comes with your own beach bunker to pick off Allied invader forces coming up the beach.

Not obvious, but the statue of Mary was thrown in by the realtor praying it helped sell this monstrosity.

Ok, this room is good to go. No, no, the 4 headed mutant mermaid thingy looks great, will sell the comfy angle well.

I didn’t have time to cleanup after a rough night of partying before the morning shoot.

For the serious music loving multitasker that is also fond of the 9th dimension.

This bedroom practically sells itself, I could watch myself watching TV all day.

“No Mam’ the toddler enhances the listing picture… so cute”

This room really accentuates the trending sex cage/living room combo

Stephen King “IT” inspired 80’s kitchen are back in style apparently.

And she’s climbing a stairway to…. flush gurgle gurgle

Complete with your own well kept Toxic waste Pool, should sell fast!

Some kind of Grandma paradise here, she just kept on knitting’s her little heart out!

This listing picture features a fully functional gateway to hell or high demand rental space for your local high school goth club.

Showing this property will be easy during the pandemic, no extra protection needed.

The exercise room is great and allows for a quick session of Master & Servant play as well.

Mystery creepy hoofed animal included in sale price. Bonus creepy painting on the wall.

Not sure why, but I want a salad all of a sudden after viewing this home.

The cat pee smell is so strong it will make the ceiling fans cry.

Why run all the way down the stairs when you can stop to use the toilet and wash up along the way? Super feature!

“Bathroom are a bit messy, but you can take listing pics today anyways.”

Master bedroom tastefully decorated in “County Living Camouflage” as we like to call it.

Beautiful, lets give this window area it’s own featured “Blood Stain” slide in the virtual show.

Truly the next level efficiency model, why venture out of your 100sqft palace, everything you need at arms length from your couch!

This is the “Throne of Despair” room. Bonus extra remotes and cats included under the “Finders Keepers” rule.

This bathroom features an observation area for entertaining guests.

Teenager not included in sale, but up for negotiation.

Client insisted on leaving the painting of her breastfeeding her dog on picture day.

Only Refrigerator conveys according to MLS listing, now I see why.

This motif is called “Grandma Camouflage” – bet you didn’t notice her sitting there in her matching dress?

Tastefully decorated with the classic “I lick you, you lick the baby” painting.

Plastic comes in handy for when you head explodes viewing this bathroom.

This is the poltergeist room. Go ahead and move a chair.

Bathroom wonderfully accented with a three nipple mermaid tile inlay.

The hovering red couches really bring out the spaciousness of the TV room.

Must have snapped this listing pic as the Gateway to Hell was opening up.

Converted attic space great for a playroom. Has anyone seen my kid? She came up here last week.

Heyyyy, why does Rudolf always get the window seat??

I walked in, couldn’t figure out the order of what to do while inside?

Anyone want to hear me play a… never mind!

Why limit yourself to cooking a room when there are so many more things you can there at the same time?

Who? The owner’s body or the murderer?

Will someone wake up the pig so we can take the pics, never mind, looks good enough…

Exorcism not included in property sale price.

Be careful not to awaken the sleeping demon vacuum from his hanging wall.

You like mysteries? How about murder mysteries… in your new home?

Lower right quadrant of the bathroom reserved for Marmaduke’s business.

The floating door room was delightful, but I think the price is a bit out of my range.

Move in ready home, furnished tastefully for you and your children. Just bring your toothbrush and restraints.

We aren’t sure, but I think he will come out once he catches something.

Can’t quite figure out why people don’t like this bright cheery laundry room?

If you could stand it up in the corner to let potential buyers envision their own children standing in the corners of the house.

I think the dolphin is just as angry as the poor realtor that has to sell this place.

Is this the formal dining room with bonus toilet, or a formal bathroom with bonus table and recliner?

I think the “open floor plan” trend has gone a bit too far.

For the post burrito as big as your head meal, we have the toilet encased in glass for just such an occasion with bonus full body cleansing while remaining seated.

What do you mean the artwork is “Off-putting”?

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