Top 10 Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019

Here are the top 10 funny Thanksgiving Memes as vote by our members.

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May your stuffing be tasty 
May your turkey be plump, 
May your potatoes and gravy 
Have nary a lump. 
May your yams be delicious 
And your pies take the prize, 
And may your Thanksgiving dinner 
Stay off your thighs!

– Anonymous

#10. Don’t forget to set your scales.

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #10

#9. Turkey is chill

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #9

#8 Waiting and waiting for that food!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #8

#7 Must…. resist… talking about Real Estate!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #7

#6 Just so happy to be here!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #6

#5 Always more room for pie!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #5

#4 That farmer is giving us the stink eye!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #4

#3 MTTGA, doesn’t have the same catchy ring to it?

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #3

#2 Let just hope you can look like the “Before” picture by April!

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #2

#1 A more accurate picture is hard to find, sadly.

Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019 #1

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funny thanksgiving memes and fails
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