funny thanksgiving memes and fails

Top Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2020

Here are the top funny Thanksgiving 2020 memes and fails passed around the office this year. This is going to be a rough year for many and we hope our funny Thanksgiving memes and fails will make your holiday a little brighter, or at least better compared to these people’s Thanksgiving!

Accurate 2020 Holiday season summary.
Ahh Thanksgiving, the time of year for young love.
Your mashed potatoes pie seems to be growing on me this year.
Unfortunately, this is going to be your Thanksgiving centerpiece this year.
Thanksgiving Fail
Never ask a toddler what they think of your food, they just don’t give a damn!
Your pumpkin pie just committed suicide. It’s better for all of us.
I don’t think the rest of the family appreciated Aunt Marges’ Thanksgiving Cake.
This oven just had a pumpkin pie miscarriage, luckily it was twins.
Fortunately this pie never made it to the oven and took out its creator as well, assuring this cherry barf pie will never torment this family again.
This year we got the most high-end and expensive organic feast they had.
No one believed her story when Nana came out of the kitchen topless.
Yes, it was a couple of scrolls up, but it was hilarious!
Oh no
I always give “Thinks” to the people I think of.
“I said Lemon glazed Karen, LEMON Glazed!”
The pyrotechnics my two Dads had at the Thanksgiving magic show was awesome this year!
“Not quite sure what it is, but I have a feeling I forgot to do something”
Interesting twist!
Another cherished moment in our family video library.
Not sure what happened to this clucker, but I wouldn’t eat it with your mouth.
You had one thing to cook this year, one thing!
It’s for the best Sheila.
You didn’t think I could top the “Turducken” from last year? Meet the “TurKraken”
F your bird Marsha!
Looks like the dog got into the Halloween Candy again, oh nevermind.
It’s like the opening scene of a movie where a character named “Kevin” slouched over a bar explains how he lost his father and now hates Thanksgiving.
Later in the movie, Kevin loses his Uncle too and his hate for Thanksgiving deepens.
Perfect place to let the bird cool off till we are ready.
So True… sigh
“What? You said you didn’t want to deal with leftovers this year?”
In a shocking movie ending, Kevin wakes up to his hands transformed into turkeys on Thanksgiving morning as he screams at his Pilgrim ancestors to take his soul.

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