An Instant Extra Income Stream for Real Estate Agents & Brokers has designed a unique suite of tools that allows Real Estate Agents* to approach their clients with a list of county foreclosure Auction Properties. Your clients know there are great bargains at the County Foreclosure Auctions, however many think it’s too difficult to get involved. It is not difficult if you use our service on your client's behalf! *please note unless you are a current licensed real estate agent, we can not sign you to our agent level service, sorry no exceptions. License # will be validated on checkout

Our New Service For Your Cash Buyers Will Set You Apart

  • Make 10% Commission by buying at the County Auctions
  • Bid on your client’s behalf with their money in escrow
  • We provide you with all the legal paperwork needed
  • Simple to understand training videos & articles supplied
  • Dedicated one-on-one phone support & expert advice
  • Free buyer & seller leads in your market from our site
  • Brand our property reports with your own logo & info
  • All this plus everything from our Premium Membership

10% Commissions!

Wired out on your winning bids!

Make More Bidding for Your Buyers

There is a very clear path to making 10% commissions for each property your client buys at auction with you. We give you all the tools you need to make this happen. All the documents and instructions are included in our service.

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Branded Reports!

Send reports to your cash buyers.

Your Header on our Reports!

Like most other agents you are used to sending your buyer's multiple pages of properties. You can do the same with our reports only these are foreclosure auctions from the county. We generate the same pages you & your buyers expect!

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Free Leads From Us!

We send you leads from our web pages.

1000’s of Cash Buyers Visit us Daily

Our website sees 1000’s of cash buyers each day. Now you can put your face in front of these cash buyers in your market. No extra costs involved, once you have your membership you get instant exposure on our site!

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We Can Bid For You!

Our Bidding Service has you covered.

Bring your Cash Buyers!

You can quickly learn how to bid for your cash buyers and buy at the auction. Even before you are done learning you can use our Bidding Program and we will do the bidding for you! You bring the buyer, we take care of the rest!

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Off-Market Properties

Discount distressed property database.

Our Properties are NOT on the MLS!

The properties on our site are not listed on the MLS. These properties are NOT bank-owned, they are pre-foreclosure and are not foreclosed on until after the auction. You can read more about our properties here.

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Bidders Want Agents!

Under-represented buyers need your help.

Buyers Want You to Bid for Them!

According to our study, 62% of cash buyers buying a home in the next 120 days would buy at a county foreclosure auction if they were represented by an agent. Only 4% of them would buy without an agent. Read more about our survey here.

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Member Testimonials

William Genske

"Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors property sites."

Kelly Chu-Moscowitz
REI Investor

This is one of the best systems I've used. Got me deals I never knew existed and kept me on track and organized!