Now you can earn 10% commissions for each winning bid, no minimums!

Start with today with an agent level account and you can earn 10% commission off each winning bid your buyer makes. It's a simple process that we can hand hold you and your buyer through.

Step 1: You sign an auction representation agreement with your cash buyer. This agreement is a simple to understand and complete representation agreement.

Step 2: Your Buyer sends Escrow to both the county and the Agent Escrow account. Your buyer needs to have 5% of what they plan on bidding in escrow with the county and 10% of what they plan on bidding in the Agent Escrow account.

Step 3: When your buyer wins a property he simply wires the other 95% of the winning bid to the County Escrow and your Agent Escrow amount is released to you, the Agent.

Use your own logo & header for any report on our site just like you do now!

We wanted to be sure that presenting Foreclosure & Tax Deed auctions to your buyers is the same experience as presenting properties off the MLS. That's why we went to great lengths to make sure you could brand your own identity and brokerage onto each property detail page you present to your buyers.

Once you have your Agent Level account you simply input your License & Brokerage information, upload your headshot and logo and you have custom branded professional looking property reports to share with your buyers.

We made it super easy to share, you can generate multiple property reports and print them from our system, share directly via email or even text them to your buyers. No need to leave our website!

Free leads from cashbuyers looking for agents to help them buy & sell

Register an Agent Level Account and get free advertisement on our site to our cash buyers. We have 1000's of cash buyers that are unrepresented in your market visiting our site each month. We will place a banner showing your information and contact button so you can offer your services.

This is an amazing ground floor opportunity for a select few agents in each market. Imagine getting free cash buyer leads, some needing representation in the foreclosure auctions where you can earn 10% commission on each sale. Many of these cash buyers already have flipping businesses and they can always use an agent to help them list their flips.

There are so many opportunities here, and we are adding it as a bonus for our first group of Agent Level members. Everyone else will have to pay per lead, you get it all at no additional charge!

Bring your buyers and we can do the bidding for you, it's so easy!

If you are a bit overwhelmed with your workload but have some buyers you know "want in" on the foreclosure auctions, we have you covered! Just bring your buyer to us, and we will have our own in-house agents represent them for you. The best part is we will still give you a 5% commission for each successful winning bid your buyer makes forever!

One of our bidding agents will work directly With your buyer to find deals at the county auctions each week. We will instruct your buyer how and where to direct the money so everyone gets commissions on time, and your buyer gets great discounted real estate!

There has never been a program so easy and so profitable. You bring the buyers to us, they buy the off-market discount properties, and the 5% commissions come back to you, win-win-win!

Our properties are technically "off-market" and not listed on the MLS

The properties we currently list on our site are never listed on the MLS. These are not "REO" or "Bank Owned" foreclosures. The "Foreclosure" properties we list are technically "Pre-Foreclosures" until they go to sale at the County Auction. At the county auction the bank bids against 3rd party bidders like yourself. The banks are only allowed to bid up to their Judgement amount, and they have the option to let a 3rd party bidder buy for much less than their judgement amount as well. Once the County auction is completed it is then either owned by the 3rd party winner, or it is taken back by the bank and it's now an 'REO" or "Bank Owned" Foreclosure and they can then mark it up and sell on the MLS.

Our service takes the listing the county puts out in hard to understand format and makes it as easy as the MLS to view and research properties for you and your buyers. We save you hours of work, and also allow you to buy heavily discounted off-market properties and potentially make 10% commissions on it as well.

Survey says: more people would bid if they were represented by an agent

We surveyed via Facebook (available upon request) 73 individuals that were not tied emotionally to anyone Real Estate Agent. All were cash buyers from 8 Florida Counties that were looking to buy a house in the next 120 days, 62% said they would be happy to buy a foreclosure property through a County auction if they were represented by a licensed Real Estate Agent, 0% said they would do it themselves!

Interestingly 83% of those surveyed said they would be more inclined to use a Real Estate Agent that also offered an Auction Package opposed to one that didn't.

Remember buying a property at a county foreclosure auction is an instantaneous transaction, without long drawn-out negotiations, mind-numbing back-and-forth, and escrows with inspection periods

Member Testimonials

William Genske

"Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors property sites."

Kelly Chu-Moscowitz
REI Investor

This is one of the best systems I've used. Got me deals I never knew existed and kept me on track and organized!