Fast & Reliable Title Searches As Low As $45 for Florida Properties!

Get a title search whenever you purchase a property from anything other than a traditional sale. When you buy at any county auction the county explicity tells you there is no guarentee on a clear title. Foreclosure Auctions are particularly nasty as there is often clouds on the title like liens and judgements. With our easy to use and read title search there will be no confusion as to what is clouding the title and lets you check the title in a cost effective way right from your property page.

Reliably Hand Researched

Each report is meticulously created by searching Official Records in the county the report is created in. We do not use bot generated reports or overseas employees. Our abstractors comb records and abstract each report the right way!

We Specialize in Foreclosures!

Our abstractors have been working in the Florida foreclosure industry for over 10 years. They are trained and battle hardened to quickly spot fraud on properties, tricky encumberances typical to Florida, special red flags most national companies woud miss.

Easy to Order, View & Share

We make it super fast & easy to order, download & view your reports. Our site lets you view in browser, download the full reports with docs, share with employees with 1 click, even view results in a spreadsheet! New & totally innovative!

Add us to your Team!

We are here to meet your needs.

Choose us to be your reasearcher

When you are looking to invest in properties or buy a house in a non traditional way, you need to build a team of trusted players to get to your goal. Let us be the ones that help you get there when it comes to research!

Know before you Bid!

Don’t ever bid without this report!

Check the Title before bidding!

When bidding on foreclosures and tax liens at the county auction, you cannot bid without knowing what liens and judgement you might need to pay for after you you win the bidding. We can help show you what liens & judgement are on title!

Buy with Confidence!

Know what comes with the title!

Let us do most of the hard work!

The most cumbersome part of buying from the county auctions is researching titles. We can cut that research down to almost nothing vs doing a report yourself. Many have gone from an average of 2 hours of research to 15 minutes per property!

Your Report will include all encumberances found in Official Records

Each Report includes but is not limited to:

  • Deed Information
  • Chain of Title
  • Open Mortgage Information
  • Assignment of Mortgage Details
  • Federal, State & County Tax Liens
  • Code Enforcement Liens
  • Municipal and Special Assessment Liens
  • Home Owner Association (HOA) Liens
  • Codominium Association Liens
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Utility Liens
  • Case Dockets
  • Property Tax Information

Friendly 1 on 1 Support!

Most companies hand off their customer service to an off-site phone farm overseas. talks to our customers from right here in our South Florida offices! We believe the customer should be able to ring and talk to knowledgeable staff in the same office as our business does it’s day to day! We answer phones M-F 9am - 5pm EST and we have staff answering emails almost all day & evening most days & weekends!

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Member Testimonials

William Genske

"Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors property sites."

Kelly Chu-Moscowitz
REI Investor

This is one of the best systems I've used. Got me deals I never knew existed and kept me on track and organized!