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How to Buy Properties at a County Auction

This is the E-Book premium members get that details how to bid at the county auction. Gives the basic overview of what is expected and how to bid and costs involved in the process.

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An Intoduction to Real Estate Wholesaling

The term "Wholesaling" usually prompts many questions about what it is in real estate, how it works & how to profit from it yourself.  Premium Members download this E-Book.

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Videos, Seminars & Walk-throughs:

Joe Perez Interview

We sit down with Joe Perez and get his take on becoming one of the most successful county foreclosure auction bidders in South Florida.  Joe has won over 400 auctions in 5 Florida counties in the past few years.  He tells us how he won an auction for a property worth $150,000 for $17,00....

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Propertyonion.com Webinar & Tutorial

This video has a 5 minute intro on what it was like to find deals BEFORE Propertyonion.com, and how and why it was created.  Then I walk you through a video demo of the tools we offer to help you find a better a deal.

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Walkthrough of using our Search Page

This is the basics of using our search application to find your next investment property at the county foreclosure auction, the tax deed sale or even a local wholesaler. We make it easy to see all the places REI (Real Estate Investors) should be looking to find an unlisted deal!

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Walkthrough of using Advanced Filters to Search

This is a walkthrough video showing how to drill down deep using our advanced filters.  Find great deals on county foreclosure auctions, tax deed sales and wholesaler properties and much more when you use our adnaced filters to locate your next investment.

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Articles & Tutorials:

Condo Vs Home Investing

As you look for ways to invest in real estate you come across a few options that have you intrigued. Homes are available for sale and they are a smart investment. However, they also cost a lot and if you are looking for something that’s low-maintenance, condos may offer a better option. One....

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Florida Real Estate Investing, What Not To Do

You’ve read a flew blogs like this one, talked to some friends who have invested in Real Estate in the past and now you are ready to follow suit of investing in Real Estate. You don’t really care that it’s not the right time, you’re tired of watching everyone around you ma....

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It's Time to Invest in Real Estate

You’ve heard it thousands of times, investing in Real Estate is always smart. It’s true, but you’ve putting it off time and again because of the challenges and time it takes to invest in finding the right properties. You have to find a property, research it, possible title searc....

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Investing Realistically in Real Estate

Year after year you watch more people make real estate deals and bring in major money. News and business sites cover their stories of greatness and you wonder why that can’t be you? Well for starters, you do not have millions of dollars to invest. Another problem is that you do not even kno....

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