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Condo Vs Home Investing

As you look for ways to invest in real estate you come across a few options that have you intrigued. Homes are available for sale and they are a smart investment. However, they also cost a lot and if you are looking for something that’s low-maintenance, condos may offer a better option. One....

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Florida Real Estate Investing, What Not To Do

You’ve read a flew blogs like this one, talked to some friends who have invested in Real Estate in the past and now you are ready to follow suit of investing in Real Estate. You don’t really care that it’s not the right time, you’re tired of watching everyone around you ma....

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It's Time to Invest in Real Estate

You’ve heard it thousands of times, investing in Real Estate is always smart. It’s true, but you’ve putting it off time and again because of the challenges and time it takes to invest in finding the right properties. You have to find a property, research it, possible title searc....

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Investing Realistically in Real Estate

Year after year you watch more people make real estate deals and bring in major money. News and business sites cover their stories of greatness and you wonder why that can’t be you? Well for starters, you do not have millions of dollars to invest. Another problem is that you do not even kno....

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Investors: Due Diligence to Avoid the Potential Pitfalls of Land Deals

In the world of real estate, due diligence is essential, particularly for investors who are focused on turning a profit in a relatively short time frame. While many real estate investors focus on properties with existing structures, there is a segment of investors who focus primarily on land acqu....

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The Cities That Are Paying People To Move There And Why

There are many reasons why people consider moving from their current residence. Some of the common reasons include outgrowing your current home, or to be near an aging parent. Maybe your commute to work is outrageously long, or the landlord just raised your monthly rental payment.

While m....

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Why South Florida is the Place to Look for Property Bargains, But Where to Look?

One of the biggest investments an individual or couple will ever make is purchasing a home. Getting the right home for your money may seem challenging, but there is hope for those on a tight budget. Florida has a large number of reasonably-priced homes to choose from. You may be wondering why Sou....

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How Will The New Tax Bill Impact The South Florida Real Estate Market

In 2018 the most wide ranging tax reform bill has become law. Does it promise to improve the real estate market in South Florida? Let's look at the impact of different provisions of the new tax law.

The enactment of tax reform legislation will have far-reaching consequences and create ....

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Pros and Cons of Foreclosure Properties in South Florida

Foreclosure sales present a wonderful opportunity for real estate investors, as this type of buyer is usually more willing to put in the time, effort, and money that’s required to bring a neglected property up to livable, saleable condition. Foreclosure sales and auctions allow investors to....

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10 Great Tips When Buying at a Foreclosure Auction

Buying at a foreclosure auction can prove to be quite profitable for real estate investors, but there are a number of potential pitfalls that can prove problematic, resulting in a scenario where you acquire a property that lacks profitability. So to protect your profit margin, consider the follow....

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Know Your Loan Options

Off-marketing listings for buyers may not always be an advantage, simply because sometimes a hidden listing creates an allure that leads to a bidding war, perhaps at an auction. However, as a first-time investor in this type of property, it’s important to be fully prepared in terms of finan....

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State of South Florida Housing Market: Q1-2018

Even for those accustomed to dramatic and fast-paced change, 2017 brought a significant amount of political, economic, and natural-disaster-linked occurrences and the majority of these occurrences resulted in some type of effect on the housing industry in South Florida. Some of the most significa....

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Deciding between buying Land or Property

You're ready. You have a plan. You have a price range. You even have the funds. Do you buy a developed property -- a house or a condo? Or do you buy land?   This is a decision that needs to be anlayzed as many real estate investors often are faced with this moment in their Real Estate i....

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What's A Good Deal and What to Look For

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions of a person's life. Whether you buy one house in your entire lifetime or change multiple houses, it always requires careful planning and decision making.  This article is for those that are either relatively new to investing in Real Estat....

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How to Choose a Good Contractor

Hiring a good contractor to remodel your kitchen or add a family room is harder than it looks. You want someone who is honest, reliable, and delivers quality work on time and on-budget.

How do you find such a building saint? And when you do locate one, what questions should you ask?


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Palm Beach County Real Estate Outlook 2018

2018 promises to be an excellent year to buy a new home in Palm Beach County.  2017 was a good year, where real estate sales were slowed due to Hurricane Irma, but sales have rebounded.  The Realtors Association of the Palm Beaches, reports home prices have continued their upward trend ....

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Before You Partrner on a Property, Know This!

Real estate is a tempting investment option if you're interested in putting your mark on something and building wealth. However, not everyone is in a position to make a big investment on their own. The idea of partnering up with someone else to purchase property can be appealing. Many people go t....

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap Country Club Property

It's exciting. Perusing Florida real estate listings, you stumble on an attractive house or condo connected to a golf course. The best part is the price. One whole dollar. Of course you realize theres a catch. The fine print? Buyer must also purchase a membership at the ....

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Are South Florida Distressed Properties Right For You?

Are South Florida Distressed Properties Right For You?

There are times in life when the unfortunate happens and a property becomes distressed. A number of situations that could cause a property to be classified as distressed include:

  • Financial strain due to job loss, medica....

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Do I Need an Inspection When Buying Investment Property?

As a real estate investor, youre always looking for ways to cut costs and reduce overhead in an effort to maximize returns. But there are a few expenses that you should never forego, such as a home inspection. This is one expenditure that can help you avoid a very costly misstep: acquiring a mone....

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Yard Hacks To Boost Curb Appeal & Sell Your Flip Fast!

The notion of curb appeal has two fundamental purposes. The first is to create an outdoor area for your personal, private enjoyment.  The other purpose is to make some reasonable, minor changes to your front and back yard as a way to accelerate the listed (or soon-to-be listed) home's salabi....

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What the Tiny House Market in Southwest FL is All About


In a world that seeks to serve consumers who exalt anything (and everything) jumbo-sized, it is quite astonishing to observe the emergence of a real estate trend of such tiny proportions....

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Tips to Spot and Evaluate Hurricane Damage to Investment Properties

As a real estate investor, hurricanes can cause some potentially serious damage that may not be immediately apparent. This can be especially problematic for scenarios where the investor is unable to thoroughly inspect the property prior to making the purchase, as is commonly the case for tax deed....

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Black Mold: Real Estate Investing’s Hidden Curse!

When it comes to black mold, real estate investors must always be on the lookout for the often-subtle signs of a mold problem because this is one issue that can destroy a property's value/salability, while also posing a very serious threat to one's health. In fact, mold problems are especially co....

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How to Place the Winning Bid for South Florida Auction Properties

Real Estate Auction Bidding Strategy: How to Place the Winning Bid for South Florida Auction Properties:

Real estate auctions can be very stressful but also extremely exciting due to the potential for a tremendous profit margin. Many real estate investors are hesitant to get involved with....

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Finding Wholesale Deals

We live in challenging economic times, which means that some homeowners are in financial distress and want to find a way to sell their homes without going bankrupt.  In such an environment, how can a real estate investor hope to serve anyone and make a profit?  Believe it or not, it can....

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How Wholesaling Works

Real estate wholesaling can be a financially and emotionally rewarding endeavor.  It is a way of setting up a business of your own without having to invest much money.  You don't need a formal higher education or an expensive degree, and you don't really even need a real estate license.....

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How Wholesalers Can Create Effective Buyers List

A successful real estate wholesaler works hard to build both a network of people who have real estate to sell, and people who are interested in buying it.  This takes time, energy, insight, faith, and perhaps even a little bit of skepticism.  The best networks contain buyers and sellers....

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How to Negotiate with Buyers

Those who are successful in the business of wholesale real estate know that developing skill in interacting with the parties involved in any deal is key to that success.  If you've contracted for the purchase of wholesale real estate properties and you're interested in selling them to b....

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