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How To Register at the Broward County Auction

This is how you register with the Broward County Foreclosure & Tax Deed Auction.  The registration process is fairly simple and straightforward and we walk you through the Broward Clerk registration process step-by-step.

This registration process is identical to the one you would need to do for Miami-Dade County foreclosure & tax deed auction as well as any county that uses "RealForeclosure.com" as the auctioneers which is 90% of the Florida counties as well.

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How To Register at the Palm Beach County Auction

This is how you register with the Palm Beach County Foreclosure & Tax Deed Auction.  The registration process is fairly simple and straightforward and we walk you through the Palm Beach Clerk registration process step-by-step.

This registration process is identical to the one you would need to do for St. Lucie County foreclosure & tax deed auctions as well.

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Joe Perez Interview

We sit down with Joe Perez and get his take on becoming one of the most successful county foreclosure auction bidders in South Florida.  Joe has won over 400 auctions in 5 Florida counties in the past few years.  He tells us how he won an auction for a property worth $150,000 for $17,00....

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Propertyonion.com Webinar & Tutorial

This video has a 5 minute intro on what it was like to find deals BEFORE Propertyonion.com, and how and why it was created.  Then I walk you through a video demo of the tools we offer to help you find a better a deal.

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Walkthrough of using our Search Page

This is the basics of using our search application to find your next investment property at the county foreclosure auction, the tax deed sale or even a local wholesaler. We make it easy to see all the places REI (Real Estate Investors) should be looking to find an unlisted deal!

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Walkthrough of using Advanced Filters to Search

This is a walkthrough video showing how to drill down deep using our advanced filters.  Find great deals on county foreclosure auctions, tax deed sales and wholesaler properties and much more when you use our adnaced filters to locate your next investment.

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How to View your Completed Title Search Order

A quick video showing you where to download and view your completed title search order once you get the email notification.

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Walkthrough of our Property Details page.

This video is a quick tour of our property details page of PropertyOnion.com. We show you how you can quickly see all the pertinent details of upcoming county foreclosure & tax auction properties.  You can share and save right from the details page of this great real estate investing site.

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Walkthrough of using Calendar View

This video shows you the way to see all upcoming county foreclosure and tax deed sales in one easy to use calendar, we have it! See how easy it is to be a master of county auctions using the tools at PropertyOnion.com

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Walkthrough of using Spreadsheet View

It's simply the fastest way to view a massive amount of data of upcoming auctions or previous foreclosure data. Spreadsheets are great for research and we make it super easy to buy your next real estate investment using our tools.

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Walkthrough on Move Map to Search Feature

A Great way to search for properties in an area you are interested in is to view the deals on a map.  What if you can apply filters to a map, and then simply move the map around to find matching real estate deals anywhere.  This video shows you how to find your next county foreclosure auction or tax deed auction this way.

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Walkthrough on Saving Searches

How to get instant email or Text notifications when a property you are interested in is added to county auctions or anywhere else.  This video makes it super easy to be the first one in your market to know if a property you like is available, so you can take action before the rest.

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Walkthrough of Saving Favorite Properties

Walkthrough video showing you how to use our saved property feature. Searching through hundreds of upcoming foreclosure, tax deed and wholesale properties is a big job, but we make it easy allowing you to create saved favorites lists.

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Walkthrough on Draw on Map to Search

Walkthrough showing how to use our "Draw On Map to Search" feature.  This feature allows you to create a line boundry on our search map and only view results of foreclosure auctions or county tax deed sales, wholesale deals in the boundry area.  A great way to pinpoint your next real estate deal below market value.

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Tony Stern Interview

Tony Stern the co-founder of PropertyOnion.com sits down to discuss his years of successful real estate investing. Tony Stern is an expert County Foreclosure & Tax Deed Auction bidder with many big wins under his belt. Hear harrowing stories of bad deals, and some great wins too!


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Admirals Walk Flip: Day 45

Our flip project on the beach of Boca Raton is coming along nicely.  We have completed most of drywall and have moved on to beginning the kitchen and bathrooms.

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Admirals Walk Flip: Day 21

Rehab demolition has been completed on this luxury condo flip in Boca Raton Florida. We are all very excited to make an beautiful condominium appear from the gutted space you see in this video. Real Estate is the best way to achieve financial success and allow yourself to express it creatively. This is exciting people, stay tuned!

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Admirals Walk Flip: Day 16

Doing a flip in a luxury high rise condo is MUCH different and has many more difficulties than working on a typical house rehab. Very restrictive days and times you can do construction work make it frustrating as you can see in this video.

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Admirals Walk Flip: Day 15

Second day of demolition for our real estate investment at Admirals Walk in Palm Beach County. We got this deal off of PropertyOnion.com and things are moving along nicely. This real estate project is noisy and the louder it gets the louder our dreams of a beautiful oceanfront condo appearing become a reality.

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Admirals Walk Flip: Day 14

Our high end condo rehab is on it's first day of demolition.  Very busy, very excited to get the flip project underway. This is a large space and we are gutting it to the studs, so rehab will take a bit to do it carefully and in the correct safe way.

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Admirals Walk Flip: Day 1

This is the day after we purchased Admirals Walk Condomium in Boca Raton for rehab and resale using the tools here on PropertyOnion.com.  We do a quick one minute walk through of this amazing ocean front condo.  This will need alot of work, and once completed it should be very profitable.

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