Let PropertyOnion.com find properties that are NEVER LISTED on the MLS!

Did you know that 1000’s of properties are sold each month at a discount & are never listed on the MLS or given to realtors at all?

When property taxes go unpaid, the properties are sold to pay for those missing taxes. Every county has tax deed sales, and we have them all listed with all the current information in one easy to use website for all the Tax Deed Auctions!

The final stage of foreclosure is when a property is auctioned off through the county. Many counties give very little info about the properties that are auctioned each week. We provide a complete Searchable database to help you!

Many seasoned investors have been working local wholesalers to get great deals, but finding these deals can be difficult and messy, but we make it easy! Your local "wholesalers" can be a great way to find deals!

Private Investors often sell properties to other investors without ever advertising them for sale with a realtor! If someone is selling a property in your market you will know about it even if it's a private investor sale!

On any given weekend there can be dozens of private auctions taking place in your markets, most are not advertised locally! Don't miss out on this extra off radar inventory in your market, come find it all here!

Many counties still have some great deals only listed through United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sometimes at a fraction of what they are worth. We list them all so you don't miss any deals!

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William Genske, Investor

Your research just got way easier!

We combine all the sources of properties not listed on MLS and allow you to access them all in one easy to use interface! There has never been a tool that bring these data sources together like this, and it makes finding the next off MLS deal that much easier to get! You will love how quick and easy your research got thanks to our PropertyOnion.com proprietary systems!

  • Be The First to Know

    When you join PropertyOnion.com you set a custom search that will send you an email or text as soon as a property gets added to our system!

  • Get A Complete Property Inventory

    You will see just how many good deals have been slipping by you when you were stuck only seeing what was listed with realtors. Get the complete off MLS listings!

  • Download Spreadsheets

    For many a big part of their research process is heavy on spreadsheets. We know this and you will have the ability to download everything in CSV format.

  • Make Money with Real Estate Today

    We have some great articles, videos, tutorials and E-Books to get new investors making money in no time to helping seasoned pros explode their returns!

  • Get World Class Support from our Team

    If you have any questions on how to use any of our incredible tools, there’s always someone here to talk to. Phone skype or email, we got you covered!

Member Testimonials

William Genske

"Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors property sites."

Kelly Chu-Moscowitz
REI Investor

This is one of the best systems I've used. Got me deals I never knew existed and kept me on track and organized!

Get instant access, and get an instant leg up on all the competition in your market!

See what auctions sold for & what’s coming up

Foreclosure Auction Research Tools

If you are buying properties at the county tax deed or the county’s foreclosure auctions, you need to know bidding histories, & a complete picture of what is coming up for auction. There has never been a simpler way to do your research and due diligence on foreclosure auctions as PropertyOnion.com.

Download Spreadsheets for detailed custom analysis

Download Spreadsheets

We have an amazing graphical user interface but some of us still love to pour over good ole' spreadsheets, and we allow you to do just that. Download all of your properties in CSV format so you can quickly filter all the relevant info in spreadsheet format unrestricted!

Create research lists, Add notes, pictures & documents!

Add notes, pics & docs to saved Properties

Never before have there been tools like this applied to off market deals! You can find all the properties you are interested in and save them to your own list. Each property page allows you to add your own notes, images, pdf or document files so you can keep all your research in one organized place here!

Join all wholesaler's buyer lists with one button

Join Wholesaler buyer lists

With our unique system you can now get on any wholesaler's buyer list with a quick click of the button. You can even get on all their lists with one click! When a wholesaler you are subscribed to has a deal you will be notified here first, and the details right in your control panel on PropertyOnion.com!

The best off MLS mapping tool available!

Search by drawing on Map

Use our mapping tool to draw shapes around the areas you want to research in, filter sales by Final Judgement, plaintiff and much more! We have very sophisticated advanced search forms for the advanced investors and simple tools for the new ones!

Instant support over phone, skype, email!

Great Customer Service

However you want to contact us, we are here for you. We believe customer service is the core of what we are as a company and will provide you support via phone, skype, email, instant chat, facebook, anyway you want to get a hold of us we will be sure to help you as best we can!

Join 1,000s of Home Buyers, Investors, and Professionals using PropertyOnion.com
with a 100% free account today.

"Thank you for your terrific support,
and prompt response. I wish I had
found you before I overpaid for an
MLS deal."

William Genske, Investor

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