webcast replay

Expert Foreclosure Panel Webcast Replay

Foreclosure Experts Panel Webcast Replay Special Discount Code For Premium Membership: Coupon Code: WEBCAST9 = Free Tax Deed Book & Plush Rooty!Code Expires November 22nd at midnight, ...

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tenant scammers busted

Desperate Tenants Busted in Scam to Sell House They Are Squatting in!

Unfortunately, when the economy soured for many during the pandemic, many new scams began trending.  One of the most popular scams you have surely heard ...

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Monthly Peel Halloween edition

The Monthly Peel V16: Halloween

? It's The Monthly Peel V16: Halloween! 13 of the scariest listing pics we could find on the MLS. Increase your rental profits using these ...

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agent uses skeleton listing

Real Estate Agent Poses 12-foot Tall Skeleton Families in her Listing Pics

A creative real estate agent has found a way to really drum up free marketing using something hiding in her closets:  Skeletons.  Way back in ...

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scary listing pics

13 Scariest Listing Pictures for Halloween!

Scary Halloween Listing pictures seemed fitting for October! We all know a real estate agents have difficult jobs. Some are over-worked, sleep deprived, on edge, ...

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The Monthly Peel

The Monthly Peel V.15

? It's The Monthly Peel V15: Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium – New Legal Guidelines, Renters’ Shocking Destruction Revealed by Hilarious Agent Video! Tax Deed Surplus ...

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webcast tax deed

Tax Deed Webcast Replay

This webcast focused on Tax Deeds originally aired Sept 24th, 2020 Special Discount Code For Premium Membership: Coupon Code: WEBCAST8 = Free Tax Deed Book & Plush ...

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Renters shocking destruction

Renters Shocking Destruction Revealed by Hilarious Agent Video!

It's super important to screen your tenant applications carefully. Of all the bad things a tenant can do to landlords, one of the worst things ...

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Real Estate Lead Pipelines

Real Estate Lead Pipelines

Your real estate lead pipeline is the most essential part of your real estate business. From agents to wholesalers to county auction buyers, every type ...

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The Monthly Peel

The Monthly Peel V.14

? It's The Monthly Peel V14: Covid-19 Real Estate Migration is a real thing! A Landlord is decapitated by his tenant, 6 ways to prevent it ...

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