2023 Mortgage Rate Predictions

Expert Predictions on Mortgage Rates for 2023

Mortgage rates are essential to any real estate investor. Higher interest rates mean it will cost more to borrow money to invest in properties, which can mean ...

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Which Ohio Housing Markets had the Biggest Price Increases in 2022?

Overall, many investors in the U.S. real estate market will likely describe 2022 in a single word — volatile. Some of the factors creating volatility ...

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How to Price Your Flip in a Softening Market

How to Price Your Flip into the 2023 Softening Market

The housing market has softened in recent months as the Fed's fight against inflation has resulted in soaring interest rates. Mortgage rates recently hit 6.75%, ...

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Trump 2024

Will Trump Running for President in 2024 Make Real Estate Great Again?

Former president Donald Trump announced on November 15th, 2022, that he will once again seek the presidency in the 2024 election. Trump’s announcement was no ...

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Top 10 Metro Cities with the Biggest Home Seller Dollar Gains

What Are the Top 10 Metro Cities with the Biggest Home Seller Dollar Gains in 2022

The U.S. housing market grew 16.9% from 2020 to 2021, and some of that growth carried over into 2022. Metro cities often command high price ...

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Will this Recession Affect the Housing Market like 2008?

Will a Recession Affect the Housing Market as It Did in 2008?

Since the July 28 announcement that US GDP fell two quarters in a row, many believe we are now in recession (or at least close ...

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Should Interest Rate Hikes Change Your Purchasing Strategy as An Investor?

Should Interest Rate Hikes Change Your Purchasing Strategy as An Investor?

The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates three times in an effort to fight inflation. Interest rates affect supply and demand dynamics across the economy. ...

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inflation real estate markets 2022

The Strange Reason Hot Real Estate Markets Have the Highest Inflation in 2022

We all know that inflation is running rampant at the moment, with the annual inflation rate accelerating to 9.1% in June of 2022. This is ...

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inflation effect on housing prices

What Is the Effect of Inflation on Housing Prices?

Inflation is rising rapidly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the June 2022 U.S. inflation rate reached 9.1%, which is the highest it’s ...

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will rising interest rate cause more foreclosures

Will Rising Interest Rates Bring More Foreclosures in 2023?

You all know me by now, the investor with the crystal ball! A current hot topic is rising inflation, which brings with it rising interest ...

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