Haunted Real Estate

Study Shows Real Estate Market Infested by Ghosts!

Everyone loves going to Haunted Houses in October, but did you stop to consider that you may be reading this in a real life haunted ...

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Palm Beach Land Spider Attack

Palm Beach Land: Spiders Attack Contractor

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Crawled Up The Waterspout…… You know how that nursery rhyme goes, I’m sure?  Our #1 investor & reader who just happens to be our ...

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funny real estate videos

Funny Real Estate Videos of 2019

When the real estate agents get desperate, things get funny. Here we have our 2019 count down of funny real estate videos. These all made ...

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Scope of Work Template

Use Scope of Work Template to Estimate Rehab Costs

Every successful rehabber will have their own framework for evaluating the scope of a possible deal and estimating rehabbing costs. The framework involves breaking up ...

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Is Buying Association Foreclosures a Violation of F.S. § 697.08?

Is Buying Association Foreclosures a Violation of F.S. § 697.08?

We previously released a tutorial e-book and article called The HOA Foreclosure Play and a reader rightly brought up in the comment section the legality ...

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Rehabbing a fix & Flip

Rehabbing a Fix & Flip: A Beginners Overview

The art of rehabbing a fix & flip home can be a very generous income opportunity, as long as you are taking the right precautions. ...

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what is reverses wholesaling

What Is Reverse Wholesaling Exactly?

Real estate “wholesaling” is a way of making money in real estate by finding distressed or undervalued properties and then putting them under contract. Then, ...

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HOA Foreclosure Play

HOA Foreclosure Play for Big Profits at the County Auction

Benefits of Winning an HOA Foreclosure at Auction The “Auction Buy to Rent” or buy an HOA Foreclosure play is still hot, hot, hot! The reason, ...

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florida alligator caught!

Florida Alligator Caught in Home by Real Estate Investor

Florida alligator caught by our long-time member Brain Treaton from Port St. John had been looking as usual in his home county auction in Pinellas ...

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Dorian Hurricane Damage in Florida Averted. Or Was it?

Dorian Hurricane Damage in Florida Averted. Or Was it?

Though Hurricane Dorian did not make landfall in Florida, it certainly highlighted concerns for real estate buyers and brokers, who witnessed the catastrophic damage and ...

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