Is the Holiday Season a Good Time to List Your Flip

Is the Holiday Season a Good Time to List Your Flip?

The holiday season is coming, and as people plan their schedules and look for presents, real estate flippers have an important decision in front of ...

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Will Elon Musk’s Twitter Acquisition Affect Real Estate Investors?

Anyone who has been following the news knows that Elon Musk officially purchased Twitter for $44 billion. The deal's closing took months of back and ...

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What Is Cash Flow in Real Estate Investing

What Is Cash Flow in Real Estate Investing

Investing in real estate may seem like a simple and safe way to generate passive income, but the truth is, it can be risky especially ...

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Will this Recession Affect the Housing Market like 2008?

Will a Recession Affect the Housing Market as It Did in 2008?

Since the July 28 announcement that US GDP fell two quarters in a row, many believe we are now in recession (or at least close ...

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what is a cap rate in real estate

What is a CAP Rate in Real Estate?

When it comes to real estate investing, few terms are as commonly used and at the same time as widely misunderstood as “cap rate.” It's ...

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Biden Housing Plan 2023

Will President Biden’s Plan Solve the Housing Shortage?

Rising interest rates, unfettered inflation, and an extensive housing shortage — for many, every day feels more like a dystopian novel. For real estate investors, ...

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passive income

7 Real Estate Investing Strategies for Passive Income

Have you ever wanted to increase your income? How about when you’re sleeping? While passive income is wonderful and typically means income earned with little to ...

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7 Real Estate Investing Tips for Beginner Investors

Investing has developed beyond traditional assets in today's economy. While mutual funds, stocks, and bonds are still typical portfolio add-ons, there are many alternative paths ...

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What is house hacking

What Is House Hacking?

You're not alone if you've wondered how you will ever be able to buy a house, let alone investment properties. According to Apartment List, roughly ...

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10 House Flip Costs You Can Cut Corners on but These 10 You Shouldn’t!

10 House Flip Costs You Can Cut Corners on but These 10 You Shouldn’t!

Whether deals are abundant or scarce, it is always the goal of the investor to buy low and sell high. In the current market, it ...

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