The commercial real estate crisis

Is the Commercial Real Estate Crisis Going to be Worse than Predicted?

After facing eviction freezes, a global pandemic, and a financial crash, what could be next for investors? All those empty offices scattered around the United ...

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passive income

7 Real Estate Investing Strategies for Passive Income

Have you ever wanted to increase your income? How about when you’re sleeping? While passive income is wonderful and typically means income earned with little to ...

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put lipstick on a pig property

How to Put Lipstick on a Pig — Property

It’s a new year and a new opportunity for even more success in real estate. I’m sure you have a list of real estate goals ...

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What Kind of Insurance Do Real Estate Investors Need?

There are many types of properties for real estate investors to deal in. Foreclosure properties have their own unique risks. However, foreclosures can be a ...

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Will Omicron Sack International Investors that Might Flood the Market Now the Travel Ban is Lifted?

Update 11/29/21: Since we published our article, there has been a new and potentially threatening COVID variant Omicron originally detected in South Africa. We are now ...

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How to Raise Rents Without Losing Your Tenants

How to Raise Rents Without Losing Your Tenants

Now that property and rental values are skyrocketing with the peak of the pandemic behind us, it is time to raise rent if you haven’t ...

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Here's Why Institutional Lenders are Buying Up All the single family homes

Why Institutional Investors Are Buying Up Single Family Homes

Single-family rentals have long been a savvy investment choice for many. For years, small-scale investors have been buying these rentals and maintaining a diverse portfolio. ...

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How to find the owners of any vacant property

How to Find the Owners of any Property – Even Vacant Ones!

We all have that image of a vacant home etched in our minds, whether it was from a scary movie you watched or a favorite ...

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