Investor-Friendly Agents Help a Newbie Investors

How Can Investor-Friendly Agents Help a Newbie Investor Develop an ROI Strategy?

As a real estate agent, your work is commission-based. That means the more property deals you help close, the more money you make. But regular ...

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$1.7 trillion Omnibus Appropriations bill

10 Ways the Recent U.S. Appropriations Bill Could Impact Your 2023 Real Estate Investing Strategy

On December 29, 2022, Congress passed a $1.7 trillion Omnibus Appropriations bill, which contains funding for many programs that could impact experienced and aspiring real estate ...

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Should you invest before Interest Rates rise or Wait for a Market Crash?

Should You Invest Before Interest Rates Rise or Wait for a Market Crash?

US home sales have been in sharp decline in recent months, and many worry that we are headed for another market crash. In fact, some ...

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hurricane ian florida real estate

How Hurricane Ian Will Affect Florida Real Estate

Though the news cycle for Hurricane Ian has largely subsided, the damage it caused has not.  The hurricane hit Southwest Florida (just south of Tampa) on ...

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FEMA Ruling Gives FL Investors a Chance to Purchase Distressed Hurricane Properties

FEMA Ruling Gives FL Investors a Chance to Purchase Distressed Hurricane Properties

Hurricane Ian was possibly the costliest storm in Florida history and the second costliest nationally when adjusted for inflation.  Risk management company RMS puts the total insured losses caused by ...

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Will this Recession Affect the Housing Market like 2008?

Will a Recession Affect the Housing Market as It Did in 2008?

Since the July 28 announcement that US GDP fell two quarters in a row, many believe we are now in recession (or at least close ...

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inflation effect on housing prices

What Is the Effect of Inflation on Housing Prices?

Inflation is rising rapidly. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the June 2022 U.S. inflation rate reached 9.1%, which is the highest it’s ...

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Florida is now Most expensive state

2022 Florida Housing Now Most Expensive in the United States!

According to a recent CBS report, Florida is now the most expensive place to live in the U.S. This comes not long after research by ...

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Does the Rise in Foreclosures Signal Housing Market Crash?

Does the Recent Rise in Foreclosures Signal a Housing Market Crash Ahead?

Early this year, U.S. foreclosures skyrocketed. The number of foreclosure filings in January 2022 reached 23,204, which is up 29% from the previous month and ...

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Florida Real Estate Investing

Florida Real Estate Investing

The real estate market in Florida is on fire. Whether you live in Florida or not, there are many opportunities for real estate investors to ...

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