how to do your own title search

Try And Do Your Own Free Property Lien Search

Plowing through the auction lists (even with the magnificent tool that is pulls up more properties than any one person can handle in terms ...

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zillow not buying houses anymore

Zillow was Never a Threat, Here’s Why!

Back where I come from in the UK, there's a great saying: "Stick to your knitting."  This roughly translates to "American" as "Do what you ...

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title search sample intro

Our New Title Search Report; What’s Inside & Why you Need Them Now!

I don't write many articles for these days, much to my business partner Damon's displeasure. My valid excuse is that, as has exploded, most ...

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Agent Level

Our Real Estate Agent Level Membership Launches with 10% Commissions

It's not often that I get genuinely animated about anything in property these days. Of course, I still love foreclosure and tax deed auctions; it's in ...

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Investor Interview Robin Boodhoo

Robin Boodhoo Interview

Robin Boodhoo is a Canadian investor that purchases properties here in Florida. Robin is an active investor and member on Robin sits ...

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You won the auction, here's what happens next

You Won the Foreclosure Auction – This is What Happens Next

After winning a piece of real estate at a county foreclosure auction, a first-time buyer like you is probably wondering what’s next. You’re in luck! ...

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Relax, It’s Not the End of the World! – Part Two

I guess the first thing for you to do before reading this article is to take a quick peek at the article I wrote on ...

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How Liens Work & How To Profit with Them

Buying foreclosed property with lots of encumbrances is not for the fainthearted. Some of us here in the twilight world of purchasing real estate from ...

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The Monthly Peel

The Monthly Peel Vol.11

The Monthly Peel  Interesting stories, tips & tricks for real estate investors. How to Invest in Foreclosures, Tax Deeds, & Wholesalers The fact that you are reading ...

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Monthly webcast update

News On Our Next Webcast

Last month's webcast (4-30-2020 webcast replay) was nothing short of a raging triumph, with 500 attendees and a further 420 locked out.  We intended to follow ...

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