Cat attack real estate agent

Cat Attacks Real Estate Agent

Imagine starting your day like any other. You get up, eat breakfast, shower, pick out your clothes for the day, completely unaware that you are going to come face to face with the meanest housecat in the world. Oh you think you’ve seen a temperamental kitty cat before? I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like what Cassie Sonnentag faced when she went into a home alone before a showing.

Sonnentag is a real estate agent with Century 21 in Altoona Wisconsin, and like any good agent, she likes to go into the home prior to her clients’ arrival so she can make sure everything is ready. Little did she know that this was not going to be any ordinary showing.

Oh look, the owners have an adorable-looking cat.

“Kitty, kitty… it’s ok… ARGH!!!”

And so began a titanic ten minute standoff between real estate agent and the most vile demon-cat this side of the 7th Circle of Hell. Thankfully, in this day and age, everyone has a camera phone and nothing even remotely interesting happens without ending up on the internet. And of course, the video went viral, because who doesn’t love a heartwarming story of a charmingly pleasant woman and an insane snarling feline?

For your viewing pleasure we present “When Cats Attack: Real Estate Agent vs Sweet Innocent Kitty Cat”.

That miserable monster looks and sounds like he’s going to use her as his own personal scratching post! He has her backed into a corner and strikes at her with his claws and razor-sharp teeth. My favorite part is Sonnentag trying to reason with the little hellion. 

“Stay.. good kitty… I’m just gonna go past… ARGH!!!”

Surely she’s met a cat before. Sound reasoning is not generally high up there on their list of admirable qualities. I’ve got to give her credit though; the calming hand gestures were a nice touch. Ultimately futile, but a nice touch, nonetheless.

Eventually she managed to escape the situation and lock the four-legged demon in the spare bedroom. This should really be the end of the story, but guess what? There’s more!

When the clients showed up to view the home, they apparently weren’t content on just watching the video on Sonnentag’s phone. No, they had to see it for themselves. Maybe they fancied themselves as cat whisperers? Sadly, there is no video (that we know of!) of the next encounter, but needless to say it apparently went as well as you’d expect.

Fluffy was not impressed at being locked in the spare room, and let his displeasure be known by attacking all three and chasing them to the front door. How’s that for a guard-kitty? It seems he knows his boundaries!

The real estate agent rightfully sent the video to the listing agent and suggested that the owners lock it up before the next showing. Perhaps she should have also suggested any future buyers sign a waiver and put on protective clothing before entering the home. At the very least they might want to carry a vial of holy water and a wooden stake… just to be on the safe side!

Sonnentag had a great piece of advice for anyone who owns pets and wants to list their home for sale. “I honestly just posted the video to show: This is why you lock your pets up for showings,” Sonnentag says. “They may be fine with you, but that’s their home and they don’t want intruders in there.”

Just imagine if the animal was something REALLY terrifying… like a walking dead gerbil. 

Oh, and it probably won’t come as a surprise, but the buyers passed on that house!

Shockingly this isn’t the first “Attack Cat” we have seen in Real Estate. It’s not that hard to find more instances of cat’s standing their ground. Some more real estate Cat-tastraphe videos:

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