terrible real estate listing pictures

Absolutely Bonkers Terrible MLS listing Pictures

These are the worst of the worst real estate listing pictures we could find. These were all grabbed from actual MLS listings. For ...

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Free Haunted House

This House was so Haunted, they couldn’t GIVE it away!

We've all heard the stories of the supposedly "Haunted Houses" filled with evil spirits, clanking dinnerware, moving doors and chairs. We skim the story, get ...

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Funny Real Estate Memes

Top 49 Funny Real Estate Investor Memes

If you are looking for some funny real estate memes we got you covered. Below are the top 49 Funny real estate memes that ...

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Florida Man Spends Millions of Investors’ Money on Strippers & Cars

Florida Man Spends Millions of Investors’ Money on Strippers & Cars

A Tampa bay investor used his investment syndicate to raise $5,500,000 for his investors to buy a Colorado legal marijuana business.  Federal Official report he instead ...

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Funny CoronaVirus Memes

There is nothing funny about the current CoronaVirus emergency we are in. We are believers in finding humor in any bad situation to help cope ...

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Pet Entrance interviews

Pet Entrance Interviews

Imagine that you’re about to buy a lovely new condo. You’ve done your homework and over-prepared for the inevitable interview in front of the condo ...

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Cat attack real estate agent

Cat Attacks Real Estate Agent

Imagine starting your day like any other. You get up, eat breakfast, shower, pick out your clothes for the day, completely unaware that you are ...

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Funny Christmas Memes

Top 20 Funny Christmas Memes

Funny Christmas Memes Looking for some funny Christmas Memes? You found the right place! We count down the top 20 funniest Christmas memes of ...

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Top 10 Funny Thanksgiving Memes 2019

Here are the top 10 funny Thanksgiving Memes as vote by our members. View the 33 top 2020 funny Thanksgiving Memes too! May your stuffing ...

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funny real estate videos

Funny Real Estate Agent Videos

When the real estate agents get desperate, things get funny. Here we have our count down of funny real estate videos. These all made us ...

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