Supreme Court throws out Biden administration eviction moratorium

Supreme Court Throws Out the Foreclosure Moratorium!

The Supreme Court strikes down the Biden administration’s latest extension on Thursday.  The Realtor Associations of Alabama and Texas that had their appeal struck down ...

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Miami-Dade County Busted Selling Fake Properties AGAIN!

Miami-Dade County Sold this Investor Another Fake Property! has continued to ask for the stories of those who have purchased non-existent properties through Miami-Dade County tax deed sales. When we receive those ...

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Eviction Moratorium

Appeals Court Refuses to End CDC’s Double-Secret Extra Extended Eviction Moratorium

A Federal Court on Friday struck down the appeal made by Alabama and Georgia Realtors Associations to end the eviction moratorium that was put ...

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How to find the owners of any vacant property

How to Find the Owners of any Property – Even Vacant Ones!

We all have that image of a vacant home etched in our minds, whether it was from a scary movie you watched or a favorite ...

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Real Estate License as an Investor

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Real Estate License as an Investor

Walk down almost any street in the nation and you will come across dozens of billboards advertising the services of a real estate agent. According ...

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Cerro Gordo ghost town investor

Investor Buys a Ghost Town and Rides Out Quarantine There Alone!

Social distancing became the new normal in March of 2020. Billions of people around the globe grew accustomed to standing six feet apart, avoiding public ...

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Price-to-Rent Ratio

What is the Price-to-Rent Ratio and How to Use it to Profit!

Every real estate investor wants to know whether the market they are investing in is a good place to invest or not. So, how do ...

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Is this the best time to refinance your rental property

Could Now the Best Time to Refinance Your Rental Property?

Making financial moves in the middle of a pandemic is nerve-wracking. Rental property owners currently find themselves in this position, and we are here to ...

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How Covid Pushed Housing Prices To New Highs

How Covid Pushed Housing Prices To New Highs

When it comes to housing, the big picture right now in America is that there just aren’t enough houses on the market to satisfy the ...

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Why are there so many Foreclosures In Florida?

Why Are There So Many Foreclosures In Florida?

Investors are always on the hunt for a hot market overflowing with opportunities to turn a profit on foreclosures. Over the last several decades, those ...

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