places that will pay you to live there

Places That Will Pay You to Live There And Why

There are places that will pay you to live there, seriously.

There are many reasons why people consider moving from their current residence. Some of the common reasons include outgrowing your current home, or to be near an aging parent. Maybe your commute to work is outrageously long, or the landlord just raised your monthly rental payment.

While most of us have fleeting daydreams where we imagine our lives closer to perfection, the United State Census (2017) has revealed that the number of people moving hovers near record lows.

Type of Move Table from US Census

Move Table


Much of the verified moving inertia is caused by the fact that prices are out of reach for much of the population. But what if you can be the recipient of some form of financial benefit offered by a City or State? What does places that will pay you to live there have to do with this? These financial benefits include loan reimbursements, housing incentives and even inducements for business opportunities.


In 1960, Baltimore, aka Charm City, was home to more than a million residents. Forty years later, Baltimore’s population was reduced by a third. However, this attrition of Baltimore residents has begun to reverse direction due a developing technological hub and a renewed interest in the area’s arts and culture.

When people migrate from a city in masses, what remains are empty houses and more empty houses. Homes that remain without an owner eventually fall into some sort of disarray, plus the city is required to operate with a reduced budget because the taxes for the countless vacant homes remain unpaid.

Charm City has created a program called Buying Into Baltimore; an incentive based program that offers potential homebuyers – buying a home anywhere in the city of Baltimore – $5,000 to apply towards the home’s purchase. Though, to receive this generous benefit, you must attend a Trolley Tour event to qualify, among other criteria.

Baltimore’s Live Near Your Work Program offers grants for first-time homebuyers. But if you are willing to move in to one of Charm City’s abandoned homes, check out the Vacants to Value Program. This program offers a financial benefit of $10,000.


New Haven, CT are one of the places that will pay you to live there. New Haven is home to Yale – an Ivy League University with a serious reputation. For this reason, this young-minded city is chock full of galleries, interesting architecture, annual festivals and an amazing amount of preserved natural beauty. New Haven also claims to be the best ‘pizza city’ in the United States.

The City of New Haven has developed a 3-part program with incentives for first-time homebuyers. They receive up to $10,000 for their down payment or closing cost assistance. The city also offers up to $30,000 in forgivable loans for energy-saving home upgrades. And if you are a city employee, you can expect to receive an extra $2,500.

The most relevant program criterion is that your income cannot exceed 120% of the median income in the area.

Perhaps one of the most important perks regarding the New Haven incentive is that the city itself guarantees free tuition to any Connecticut public college – if the student graduates from New Haven public schools.


One needs to be a certain type of individual to even consider moving to Alaska. Alaska is generally considered a rugged existence. A resident of Alaska would likely never be bored with Alaska’s natural wonderland and the oodles of outdoor activities: dog sledding, snowmobiling, moose spotting and, even stargazing.

Alaska is ready to pay anyone who chooses to live in the state; this includes all cities and towns. In 1980, Alaska created their Permanent Fund Corporation; this was also the year the first dividend was paid out to Alaska residents. The fund is considered one of the largest and most effective American investment plans.

The Permanent Fund Corporation issues an annual payment each year, which varies from year to year. For instance, in 2015, Alaska’s approximate population of 630,000 received $2,072. The annual payment has not dropped below $800. The Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation believes its efforts are a great investment in the state’s future.

Remember, though, to be eligible for the Permanent Fund Dividend you must:

  • Have lived in the state of Alaska for a minimum of one year
  • Not be a convicted felon
  • Have been in the state for a minimum of 190 days in the calendar year

However, free money is free money.


Curtis is a small city in Nebraska. The 2010 census reveals that the population at that time was 939. It prides itself on its nickname, Nebraska’s Easter City due to its yearly Palm Sunday pageant.

And while Curtis, Nebraska won’t hand you any cash for moving there, they will offer a lot on a 9-hole golf course, at no cost!

Of course, you are responsible for building the home on the free lot within a specified amount of time. These no-cost plots already have utility hookups and paved concrete streets.

But golf lovers, might just find this a deal too good to pass up. To boot, the golf course the free lot abuts is the Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course – considered on of the best public 9-hole courses in the state of Nebraska.


Maine is a unique state. Eighty-nine percent of the state is still considered pristine wilderness. On the coast of Maine you will find both an awesome rocky coastline on the Northern shores, while the southern coastline in Maine is filled with sandy beaches. Maine’s coastal areas include 4,613 islands according to Maine’s State Planning Office.

Portland, ME is the most populous city with 67,067 (2017) residents. However, the Greater Portland metropolitan area is home more than a 1/3 of Maine’s entire population.

Maine has recently seen a renewed interest for cutting-edge start-ups and innovative spaces that encourage co-working opportunities. The state has created the Maine Venture Fund (MVF), a program that offers monetary injections to start-ups who would likely find it more than challenging to finance from banks or even venture capitalists.

The Maine Venture Fund, according to their website, is a venture capital fund that is professionally managed. Their ultimate purpose is to invest in Maine companies who have potential for growth and seeks to support the pubic good.

The Venture Fund requires applicants to pass through a validating process before the investment is approved, which is very little to ask for those looking for some financial help with their business venture.


Detroit has been through some tough times since its heyday as the Motor City, or the home of Motown. News coverage continuously shows scattered abandoned neighborhoods, which were once thriving areas. City leaders understand the need for gentrification and redevelopment and thus have begun a program known as Challenge Detroit. Yes Detroit is one of the places that will pay you to live there!

Challenge Detroit is a city-managed program with an objective to encourage entrepreneurs to live and work into the city. Challenge Detroit actually pays selected applicants to move to the city where they will work with non-profits or businesses, while allowing them to connect with the community they live and work in. Ultimately, the program hopes that the new talent will remain in the city and participate in the city’s anticipated urban renewal.

Detroit, Michigan has seen its fair share of rough times over the past few decades. Abandoned neighborhoods are scattered throughout the city. While this may seem like a depressing prospect for some, it can be seen as a great challenge for others. Challenge Detroit is a program managed by the City of Detroit to encourage new career seekers and entrepreneurs to move into the city.

The program pays the chosen applicants to move to the city to work with businesses and non-profits while making connections with the community. The hope is that the fresh new talent will stay within the city and help bring it back to life.


Niagara Falls, New York is a great tourist destination, but has less than 50,000 residents. Niagara Falls has designed a program with its primary objective of attracting recent college graduates to live nearby the great falls.

To accomplish this, Niagara Falls is ready to reimburse new residents $3,492 annually for outstanding student loans. This generous offer maxes out after two years. Niagra Falls is one of the only State of New York places that will pay you to live there.


These cities and states are designing innovative programs to attract new residents. The reality is that if you want or need to move, there are many places that are willing to offer you some help.

For those planning to start a company or a business, these financial incentives and benefits are great incentives to consider when you are choosing your new destination. One thing you can be assured of is that these communities really want you to move there.

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