That Boca condo board that won a $395,554 judgment

Woman Owes Boca Condo Association $395,000 for Asking to See Financials!

Real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years, especially in the Sunshine State. Floridian real estate grew 20% in 2021, outpacing 42 U.S. states. Higher ...

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Condo board suing Florida woman over feeding of stray cat

Condo Board Sues Poor Old Lady for Feeding her Cats!

Cat Lady in Condo Quandary! A 78-year-old woman in Tampa had a lawsuit filed against her earlier this month for feeding a stray cat in the ...

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Pet Entrance interviews

Pet Entrance Interviews

Imagine that you’re about to buy a lovely new condo. You’ve done your homework and over-prepared for the inevitable interview in front of the condo ...

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