Biden Housing Plan 2023

Will President Biden’s Plan Solve the Housing Shortage?

Rising interest rates, unfettered inflation, and an extensive housing shortage — for many, every day feels more like a dystopian novel. For real estate investors, ...

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Do You Have to Pay Cash at a County Foreclosure Auction

Do You Have to Pay Cash at a County Foreclosure Auction?

One of the first things that comes to mind when buying a house is financing. While there is a variety of mortgages to choose from ...

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What is house hacking

What Is House Hacking?

You're not alone if you've wondered how you will ever be able to buy a house, let alone investment properties. According to Apartment List, roughly ...

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2022 Goals That Every NewReal Estate Investor Should Set!

Let’s talk about goal setting for all you “newbies” out there who are considering buying a foreclosure, wholesale, or tax deed property in 2022. Where ...

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different types of mortgages explained

Types of Mortgages Explained

Mortgages, in my opinion, have an objective definition and a subjective one. Enjoy this journey into the dry for some, fascinating for others types of ...

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Why you Need to Find a Good Mortgage Broker & How!

Why you Need to Find a Good Mortgage Broker & How!

So, you’ve established that you want to invest in real estate. You’ve picked a market to watch and have scoured over the inventory of that ...

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How to Snowball Your Rental Portfolio

How to Snowball your Rental Portfolio for Explosive Growth

Getting discouraged when looking at how long it’s going to take to purchase enough properties to replace your current income (or to save enough money ...

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Rehabbing a fix & Flip

Rehabbing a Fix & Flip: A Beginners Overview

Learning the art of rehabbing a fix-and-flip home can be a very generous income opportunity as long as you take the right precautions. Each home ...

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funding for real estate flips

Options: Funding for Real Estate Flips

Off-marketing listings for buyers may not always be an advantage, simply because sometimes a hidden listing creates an allure that leads to a bidding war, ...

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