Florida Foreclosure Sales are coming

Florida Foreclosures Sales Are (Probably) Coming Very Soon

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its crushing destabilization of the American economy, you would expect mortgage foreclosures to be falling from the ...

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Fixing economic divide in black homeownership to increase economic equality

Fixing the Economic Inequality in the Black Community with Real Estate

With the backdrop of the Pandemic, we have seen a renewed demand for racial and social justice. Entire books will be written about the social ...

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Mortgage Delinquency high

June Mortgage Delinquencies Hit 2011 Highs

Based on data from property research & information service giant Black Knight, the mortgage delinquency rate jumped to it's highest level since 2011. The pandemic ...

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Relax, It’s Not the End of the World! – Part Two

I guess the first thing for you to do before reading this article is to take a quick peek at the article I wrote on ...

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Landlords, How to Prepare for The Second Covid-19 Wave

Landlords, How to Prepare for The Second Covid-19 Wave

We have been living through unprecedented times due to the COVID 19 Pandemic. The housing market has been severely affected, as we are all aware. ...

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Webcast Replay 4-30-2020 Covid-19 & Real Estate

Enjoy Our First Webinar - replay of April 30th, 2020 . This is our inaugural webinar from April 30th, 2020. We discuss the Covid-19 emergency ...

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How to Create a Biosecure Post-Pandemic House

The world is going through a severe pandemic, something not seen in 100+ years. This emergency is changing many things about our daily home lives ...

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