Florida Land Scams

These Florida Land Scams are Booming!

Vacant land in Florida owned by offshore investors is being targeted by international scammers who exploit the real estate market to abscond with hundreds of ...

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Squatters in $8,000,000 mansion

LEGAL Squatters in $8,000,000 Mansion: Don’t Let Your House be Next!

It’s not uncommon for potential Florida investment properties to have tenants. What happens less frequently, but in growing numbers, are possible investment properties housing illegal ...

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Ex-girlfriend's fraudulent mortgages cost man his home

Ex-Girlfriend Fraudulent Mortgages Leaves Man Homeless

Naomi Brown raised 11 children while working two jobs to buy her first, modest home in Miami. Brown left her house to her son Theodis ...

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How to Spot a Rental Scam!

How to Spot a Rental Scam!

Real estate presents many opportunities for investors. Flipping, wholesaling, rental properties, and tax deductions are some of the advantages you will find in this asset. ...

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florida real estate scams

Watch Out for These Florida Real Estate Scams

Florida real estate prices jumped 23.9% over the past year, demonstrating the Sunshine State’s growing appeal. Many people see owning a home as part of ...

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