finding deeply discounted Probate Properties

How to Get Rich Buying Probate Homes

This article briefly introduces the probate course I teach one-on-one at PropertyOnion Academy. If you are interested in finding amazing deals, I mentor a handful ...

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How to Locate And Buy a Hurricane-Damaged Homes

How to Locate And Buy Hurricane-Damaged Homes?

Cape Coral and southwest Florida have a unique buying opportunity right now. Hurricane Ian hit southwest Florida and damaged a lot of homes. Some of ...

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Investing in Lee County Florida

Investing in Lee County Florida Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the most stable ways to build and protect wealth. Real estate investing is easy, you crunch some numbers and buy ...

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skip trace now

Skip Trace Our Foreclosure Listings to Crush it in 2022

While taking a stroll through your neighborhood, you notice that a previously occupied home looks vacant. The windows are dark, the once well-manicured lawn is ...

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How to find the owners of any vacant property

How to Find the Owners of any Property – Even Vacant Ones!

We all have that image of a vacant home etched in our minds, whether it was from a scary movie you watched or a favorite ...

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