Webcast Replay 7-30-2020 Due Diligence

This webcast focused on Due Diligence originally aired July 30th, 2020 Join propertyonion.com co-founder Tony Stern as he goes through another jam-packed, fast-paced webcast detailing news, ...

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The Monthly Peel supports our nurse heroes

The Monthly Peel Vol.13

🧅 It's The Monthly Peel V13: Tax Lien Investing 101 - New hot micro-term rentals, & Florida Foreclosures are almost back!  Grandma gets kicked out of ...

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You won the auction, here's what happens next

You Won the Foreclosure Auction – This is What Happens Next

After winning a piece of real estate at a county foreclosure auction, a first-time buyer like you is probably wondering what’s next. You’re in luck! ...

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Micro-Term Rentals & Micro Pods Are the Next Big Thing: Here’s Why

Micro-term rentals are about to be the hottest new trend in real estate. In the past decade, we have seen short-term rentals explode in popularity. ...

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Tax Deeds Opening bid

Tax Deeds: How Do They Get to That Opening Bid Number?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, you’ll be better prepared to bid at online tax deed auctions if you know more than your ...

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Grandma Living in Tree House Got Kicked Out

Grandma Living in Treehouse Got Kicked Out

If I told you that my lifelong dream is to live in a treehouse, you’d probably think one of three things about me: I’m a ...

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How to Evict a Tenant Yourself

How to Evict a Tenant in 5 Simple Steps Yourself

You successfully bid at auction, rented the property out, and now find yourself dealing with every landlord’s nightmare — your tenant refuses to pay. Learning ...

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Shocking Hidden Treasures Found in Newly Purchased Properties

Shocking Hidden Treasures Found in Newly Purchased Properties

Picture this: You buy a home that you plan to flip to make a tidy profit. When you visit the property to see what work ...

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Florida Foreclosure Sales are coming

Florida Foreclosures Sales Are (Probably) Coming Very Soon

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its crushing destabilization of the American economy, you would expect mortgage foreclosures to be falling from the ...

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Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien Investing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Many of us have heard of tax lien investing through a friend or coworker, but it’s difficult to find a concrete step-by-step process on HOW ...

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