Tax Certificate and Tax Deed Sales

Tax Certificate and Tax Deed Sales

There are many ways to invest in real estate. But two lesser-known ways are buying tax liens and tax deeds. These investments can ...

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title search walkthrough

Title Search Walkthrough

Title searches can look intimidating, but we make them as easy to understand as possible. This video breaks down the different ways to ...

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skip trace video

Skip Trace Feature Walkthrough

This is the new skip trace feature on - it will show you how to use our service to skip trace all the owners ...

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How to Get Started in Real Estate with Very Little Money

How to Get Started in Real Estate with Very Little Money

One of the best and easiest ways to build wealth is through real estate investing, but as the saying goes, “it takes money to make ...

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South FL Value shot up 300%

These Florida Zip Codes have Shot up over 300% recently!

The South Florida real estate market, is on a tear lately. Florida real estate investing is now hot and many areas in south Florida have ...

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passive income

7 Real Estate Investing Strategies for Passive Income

Have you ever wanted to increase your income? How about when you’re sleeping? While passive income is wonderful and typically means income earned with little to ...

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terrible real estate listing pictures

Funny Real Estate Pictures: Terrible MLS listings

These are the worst of the worst real estate listing pictures we could find. These were all grabbed from actual MLS listings. Real ...

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Is Flipping Land a Good real estate investing strategy

Is Flipping Land a Great Real Estate Strategy?

Most real estate investors are already familiar with the idea of house flipping. In simple terms, you buy a house, make a few repairs and ...

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7 Real Estate Investing Tips for Beginner Investors

Investing has developed beyond traditional assets in today's economy. While mutual funds, stocks, and bonds are still typical portfolio add-ons, there are many alternative paths ...

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Valentines Day

Finding That “Special Investment Property” for Valentine’s Day!

Buying a home is a lot like falling in love. It’s a process like dating and finding the right match, that special someone you feel ...

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