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Birth of the Webinar

Coming to a quarantine home in your house soon, the webcast. The first one is set for the 30th of April at 7pm ET sharp. It is free, but you must register with this Zoom link before the webcast begins as only the first 100 to register before (do it today) can enter the webcast when it starts.

Long gone are the days that we enjoyed of a few months ago where hosted it’s Cocktails & Real Estate Meetup at a local bar in Boca Raton with sixty to seventy attendees over a glass of wine or two or something a little stronger to discuss real estate & investing.

Shaking hands & hugging old and new friends was something we did without thought, juxtaposed to the situation now where any act of this kind would be considered unsafe and not too far short of an assault, how strange.

It turns out that these events became really well attended and people looked forward to coming to seeing old and new friends from many diverse areas of Florida, we even had a member turn up from Canada, I kid you not!

I think one of the reasons that our meetups became so popular in a short space of time was the get together was absent a hard sell, in fact, we made it a requirement of ourselves not to pitch anybody on our services unless they asked about it as good as it is! (😉)

It was a case of putting a group of likeminded people in a fun, friendly atmosphere to discuss auction property and the like, without listening to a guest speaker boring people half senseless, we’ve all been to those type of meetups, haven’t we?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the team here at have been pressing me hard to put together a webcast that our members can enjoy.

The challenge for me is that although I’m quite good at talking, my technical expertise surrounding all things from the computer age leaves a lot to be desired and the thought of being in front of a camera with lots of people looking in as I fumble around the controls of something to me is akin to flying a spacecraft makes me a little concerned.

However, Damon Simon our technical genius here at assures me that he will take care of the knobs and buttons and all I have to do is open and close my mouth, not send anyone to sleep and everything will be fine, and so that’s what we’re going to try and do.

I said at the outset that if I was going to do a webcast it wasn’t going to be a talking head babbling on for hours on end about the property business but if we were going to do one it was going to be interesting. Informative, educational, entertaining and humorous with many people taking part and that’s what we hope to achieve for forty-five minutes on April 30th 2020, starting at 7:00 PM. ET.

One of the first things to consider when we come out of this nightmare is the amount of litigation there will be around the property arena and I’m sure that our members will have questions that they would like answered, and therefore I have asked our resident property attorney Jeffrey Harrington if he would take part in our inaugural webcast and answer a selection of questions from some of our members.

Jeff will be on the webcast and we invite you to send in any questions that you have that are relevant to the times we are now living in, Jeff will do his very best to answer as many as he possibly can within the allotted time.

In concert with this, I shall give my opinion on how I see the market shaping up post-COVID-19 and I’m sure this will garner a flurry of questions and opinions from our members which I shall endeavour to answer as we move along the timeline of the webcast.

It is hoped that a webcast will become a regular feature and my task will be to keep it as interesting as I possibly can.

I have already reached out to invite people to join us that have a vast experience in all facets of the real estate investing business, where they can shed some of their wisdom among our members spread across the Internet.

This sort of media for those that know me well, recognize that this will suit my personality perfectly and the frustrated news anchor and travel presenter will certainly manifest itself during this process.

I would welcome any and all ideas as to the future content of these forty-five-minute webcasts which we hope to hold monthly, preferably on the last Thursday of every month, until we can get back to normal and have our regular monthly Meetups at the various venues around Florida.

It may be that we end up doing both because at the end of the day it is a joy and pleasure to meet different people from all walks of life from the seasoned professional to the total novice who are all trying to achieve success in the real estate investing business.

It has been our pleasure to have educated and given advice to many hundreds of people over the past two years, and to see people flourish and more importantly earn money from gaining an education about the county foreclosure and tax deed auctions here in Florida.

This continuing education coupled to introducing newbies and the ill-informed to mentors is something that myself and the rest of our team here at are very proud of, and we look forward to maintaining this for years to come.

We currently find ourselves in the most difficult of times, not knowing what is on the other side, but there lies within each one of us the hope that what we find will be much better than we anticipated and not as bad as a lot of people seemed to be predicting. Our resident soothsayer Damon has gone completely negative with his Covid-19 Real Estate predictions, we are all rooting against him though.

If you have been reading the various blog posts I have written on, you will see that I am quite optimistic that Covid-19 is NOT the end of the world, and we will come out of this fog in some sort of fighting shape.

I believe that for those of you that are clever and dexterous in mind and fleet of foot there will be opportunities abound for you to take advantage of.

It is somewhat a dichotomy and a dilemma for me personally, that although I have prospered well from the Florida foreclosure and tax deed auctions it must never be forgotten that this has been because of someone or some peoples misfortune.

I always find a tinge of sadness that someone in this process has suffered hardship and that we should always be humbled and appreciative that we have walked a different path and have been lucky to avoid the fates that have befallen less fortunate people.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 30th of April at 7pm ET on our Zoom Webcast here, and hope that at the end of the webcast you get something to take away and make use of.

See you on the computer.

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