Florida Real Estate Investing

Florida Real Estate Investing

The real estate market in Florida is on fire. Whether you live in Florida or not, there are many opportunities for real estate investors to make a nice return on their investment.

In this article, we’ll go over what makes the sunshine state good for real estate investing and go over the best cities to invest in.

Let’s get started!

Why Invest in Florida Real Estate?

There are many things that make Florida a great place for real estate investing. Let’s break them down:

Florida Population Growth

Florida is the third most populous state in the US with over 21 million people. And it’s by far the most populous state in the south-eastern US.

And Florida is still growing. The population growth rate in Florida is 1.06%, which means roughly 200,000 people move in each year.

What does this mean for the housing market in Florida? It means demand for housing will increase as new people move in, causing home prices to go up. So if you buy property in Florida, it’ll likely appreciate and make a good return.

Florida’s Thriving Economy

Part of what drives the population growth in Florida is its thriving economy. Florida’s GDP is valued at over $1 billion, the fourth-highest GDP in the nation. And while it took a downturn in 2020, Florida’s GDP has been steadily increasing, which makes Florida attractive for doing business.

This is why the unemployment rate in Florida is only 3.3% and why there’s been a lot of job growth. The state has experienced 20 consecutive months of job growth and 14 consecutive months of labor force increases. This increase in jobs and influx of workers boosts demand for long-term rental properties.

Some of the biggest industries in Florida include aviation, manufacturing, information technology, financial services, and tourism. Florida is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies, including Publix, Lennar, World Fuel Services, Office Depot, Hertz, and Fidelity.

With so many opportunities for work in Florida, there will always be people looking to rent. So it’s hard to go wrong buying an investment property here.

High Quality of Life in Florida

Finally, many residents are attracted to the high quality of life in Florida. Here’s what people like about Florida:

  • The weather. Florida stays sunny all year round. That’s why it’s nicknamed the sunshine state. The temperature usually stays between 60°F to 89°F.
  • The lifestyle. Florida offers great beaches, nightlife, shopping, sports, and food—like stone crabs, Cuban sandwiches, and key lime pie. And there are plenty of tourist attractions.
  • The education. Florida has 40 public colleges and universities, which attract many faculty, administrators, and students.
  • The low cost of living. In Florida, you don’t have to pay state income tax and the cost of living is relatively low.

All of these benefits attract tourists, long-term residents, retirees, and snowbirds alike, making Florida one of the most vibrant and dynamic real estate markets in the country.

Best Florida Cities for Real Estate Investing

Now that you know what drives the Florida real estate market, here are 6 of the best cities in Florida to invest in along with their typical home values (taken from Zillow) and average rents (taken from RentCafe):

Jacksonville, in Duval County FL

Typical home value: $288,061

Average rent: $1,453

Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida with over 900,000 people. It attracts many residents with its many beaches and parks, making it a great place for real estate investing.

Orlando, in Orange County FL

Typical home value: $354,259

Average rent: $1,820

Orlando is located in central Florida and is the home of Disney World and Universal Studios. So the many tourists make it a great place for short-term rentals.

Tampa, in Hillsborough County FL

Typical home value: $387,130

Average rent: $1,834

Tampa is the third most populous city in Florida and the economic center of Western Florida. All the jobs here make it a great city for real estate investing.

Miami, in Miami-Dade County FL

Typical home value: $492,246

Average rent: $2,132

Miami is Florida’s second-most populous city, known for its white-sand beaches and Latin-American influences. It’s a top vacation destination, which makes it a great place for short-term rentals.

West Palm Beach, in Palm Beach County FL

Typical home value: $375,943

Average rent: $2,141

West Palm Beach sits on the western coast of Florida. Known for its beaches and nightlife, this city is a great place to buy a home in Florida.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Typical home value: $471,535

Average rent: $2,582

Lastly, Fort Lauderdale sits on Florida’s Atlantic coast and has great beaches and boating canals. Lately, it’s been of the most booming Florida markets.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in Florida real estate investing, you’ve come to the right place. With PropertyOnion.com’s foreclosure and tax deed property search map, you can find some great deals in Florida for free.

Once you find your first property, go in with a strategy. You can decide between short-term vs. long-term rentals, buy and holds vs. fix and flips, single-family vs. multi-family homes, and more! In Florida, you can do it all. So don’t wait to get started!

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