Real Estate Agent Safety for Woman

Real Estate Agent Safety for Woman

Real estate agent safety is in the forefront for real estate companies across America. With the ongoing risk of danger for agents, they have implemented a variety of safety techniques to help protect their agents. The goal is to ensure all agents are as safe as possible while showing homes. Be sure to have someone with you and also to let others know where you are at all times. 

Tips For Staying Safe as Female Real Estate Agent

When it comes to real estate agent safety, there are a variety of things one can do to help reduce their chances of being robbed or attacked while working. The difference between a prepared agent and someone who becomes a victim is illustrated in the cases like our previous report: “Armed Female Real Estate Agent Shoots Attacker at Open House“. Many companies now require that women buddy up or have someone with them at open houses. They also ask agents to carry pepper spray or other protective devices. They also should always let others know where they are showing. 

Easy panic buttons on phone or those that look like a key fob are also discreet and helpful when someone feels they may be in danger. Putting wireless cameras at entrances of homes one is showing is helpful too. Let guests know they are being taped, which should deter violence. It also helps to get to know the neighbors of the property you’re showing as then they are aware of your presence. 

Cameras at Open Houses

There are many types of cameras that can be used at your open houses that run on WiFi or even just batteries. They are cheap and effective and add an element of safety. Making a sign that says “Recording in progress” even if there are no cameras can deter danger too. 

Social Media & Advertising Tips 

Many real estate agents have limited the amount of personal information they share. They have started advertising without using their photograph. They also never use their full name with the middle name or initial included. 

Concealed Carry Permit

Depending on which side of the debate you are on, you may be interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit in Florida. In order to be eligible to apply for a concealed carry permit, you must be 21 years or older, a permanent resident alien or U.S citizen and have no record of drug/alcohol use, no restraining orders, no felony convictions and able to speak, read and write in English. 

You will fill out an application and include a photograph and fingerprints. The state has 90 days from the date of your application to send an approval or denial response. The license term is seven years. 

Some places that offer basic safety courses and concealed carry permit classes in Florida include: 

  • Florida Firearms Training has locations all across Florida, and is just one place one can be trained with their concealed weapon. All of their instructors are NRA / state or military certified. They are all certified firearms and tactics educators.  They offer a variety of classes including the required State of Florida certificated basic safety course that covers Florida law requirements, legal responsibility, range qualification and firearms safety. The cost is $65 and covers the class, time at the range and ear and eye protection as well as the application pack. Class is two hours and includes 25 rounds of ammunition too. 
  • Shoot Straight also has multiple Florida locations and offers a concealed weapon or firearm license course for $75 that is 3 ½ hours in length. This class is offered at all Shoot Straight stores that have range facilities. In this course, you will learn about all of the required forms in the application packed, you will get two passport photos and receive your official training certificate upon completion of the course. You will need to obtain fingerprinting services from a local agency to complete your application. 
  • Florida Firearm Academy in Tampa also offers classes for those interested in getting their concealed carry permit in FL. Their class is $50 for beginner or advanced shooters. In this class, you are not taught how to shoot a firearm, but to be briefed on firearms laws. Students will also learn the laws associated with the places where you’re not allowed to carry, how to transport the firearm in your vehicles, your right as a gun owner, the use of force laws as well as when you’re allowed to use deadly force legally. The class is 2 ½ to 3 hours in length. 

Self Defense

Self-defense classes are prevalent throughout Florida. By learning how to best protect yourself, you are setting an example for real estate agent safety at your company. You also are prepared in care an attack happens. The primary goal of this course is to escape from danger and get help immediately. 

Some companies have even created a voice distress code or secret word or phrase that can be used in a conversation if you feel that you are in danger. It’s also helpful to carry less when you’re showing a home. Lock your purse in the trunk of your car. Also wear only non-valuables during the showing.

Safety Apps 

A smartphone safety app is becoming more popular when it comes to real estate agent safety techniques. Some of the most common ones are: GPS Phone Track for Android, AgentSafeWalk, HomeSnap Pro, SentiLock and SoloProtect

Ultimately, given the magnitude of the threats that real estate agents face daily, finding effective real estate agent safety techniques that protect them better is important. Safety is always more important than making a sale. Planning ahead makes you a less appealing target. 

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