That Boca condo board that won a $395,554 judgment

Woman Owes Boca Condo Association $395,000 for Asking to See Financials!

Real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years, especially in the Sunshine State. Floridian real estate grew 20% in 2021, outpacing 42 U.S. states. Higher ...

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Do you need an LLC to flip a house?

Do You Need an LLC to Flip Houses?

Do You Need an LLC to Flip Houses? Being a house flipper is a great way to grow your income without the regular nine-to-five job. However, ...

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Condo board suing Florida woman over feeding of stray cat

Condo Board Sues Poor Old Lady for Feeding her Cats!

Cat Lady in Condo Quandary! A 78-year-old woman in Tampa had a lawsuit filed against her earlier this month for feeding a stray cat in the ...

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Can They legally do that?

Can HOA & Condo Associations Legally do That?

The concept of caveat emptor, “buyer beware,” is ever present at a foreclosure sale of property located within a condominium or homeowners association. But with ...

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Invest in Master planned community

Should You Invest in a Master-Planned Community?

When you hear “master-planned communities,” do you think of cookie-cutter homes located out in the boonies? Well, think again! Today’s master-planned communities (MPCs) are anything ...

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man paints house rainbow

Stoned Florida Man Paints House Technicolor, HOA not Happy

If you’re considering adding a splash of color to brighten up your drab home décor, you normally don’t bother consulting with your neighbors first. Unless, ...

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Is Buying Association Foreclosures a Violation of F.S. § 697.08?

Is Buying Association Foreclosures a Violation of F.S. § 697.08?

We previously released a tutorial e-book and article called The HOA Foreclosure Play and a reader rightly brought up in the comment section the legality ...

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HOA Foreclosure Play

HOA Foreclosure Play for Big Profits at the County Auction

Many people see other investors buying HOA Foreclosures at County Auction and have no idea what they are thinking or doing. Most assume ...

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