The Aftermath of the Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium

The Aftermath of the Eviction & Foreclosure Moratorium

Property rights are at the heart of the Constitution of the United States of America. In a capitalist society, our day-to-day lives are centered around ...

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Supreme Court throws out Biden administration eviction moratorium

Supreme Court Throws Out the Foreclosure Moratorium!

The Supreme Court strikes down the Biden administration’s latest extension on Thursday.  The Realtor Associations of Alabama and Texas that had their appeal struck down ...

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Why are there so many Foreclosures In Florida?

Why Are There So Many Foreclosures In Florida?

Investors are always on the hunt for a hot market overflowing with opportunities to turn a profit on foreclosures. Over the last several decades, those ...

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Why Are County Foreclosures Often Canceled?

Why Are County Foreclosure Auctions Often Canceled?

Why Are County Foreclosures Often Canceled?The short answer — most often it has just been delayed, not canceled. When a homeowner cannot pay the mortgage, it ...

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Foreclosure Moratoriums Can't Last Forever Here's Why

Foreclosure & Eviction Moratoriums Can’t Last Forever, Here’s Why

Foreclosure Moratorium Can’t Last Forever: Here’s Why The pandemic has changed real estate — it is now much harder to foreclose on properties when homeowners fall ...

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What Are REO Foreclosures and How Do I Buy Them Cheap?

What Are REO Foreclosures and How Do I Buy Them Cheap?

If you’ve used to keep track of mortgage foreclosure auctions going on in your area, you may have noticed that occasionally a property doesn’t ...

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CDC Foreclosure Moratorium

CDC Moratorium On Evictions & Foreclosures Ruled Unconstitutional!

Updated 03/30/2021: Shortly after I created the article at the beginning of March the CDC appealed. Because the Texas Court stopped short of granting the injunction, bc ...

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Zombie Foreclosures

How to Make Money With Zombie Foreclosures

How to Make Money With Zombie Foreclosures There seems to be about a thousand ways to make money in real estate, although few sound as spooky ...

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pre-foreclosure arrested illegal

Doing this with Pre-Foreclosure Leads will Get You Arrested!

A lawsuit has begun in California where nine people are accused of being involved in a $6 million scheme that claimed to prevent the foreclosure ...

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SBA loan in foreclosure cases

Watch Out for SBA Mortgages in County Foreclosure and Tax Deed Auctions!

In 1953, the federal government established the Small Business Administration (SBA) with the goal of supporting small businesses across America. The SBA does not make ...

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