Yard Hacks To Boost Curb Appeal & Sell Your Flip Fast!

Yard Hacks To Boost Curb Appeal & Sell Your Flip Fast!

The notion of curb appeal has two fundamental purposes. The first is to create an outdoor area for your personal, private enjoyment. The other ...

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Do I Need an Inspection When Buying Investment Property?

Do I Need a Home Inspection for an Investment Property?

As a real estate investor, you're always looking for ways to cut costs and reduce overhead in an effort to maximize returns. But there are ...

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Buying distressed property

Buying Distressed Property in South Florida?

Buying distressed property in South Florida are know across the country. Many out of state investors covet them and gun for them with large ad ...

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Cheap Country Club Property

Country Club Properties are Often Cheap for a Reason

While perusing Florida real estate listings, you stumble on an attractive house or condo connected to a golf course. The best part is the price. ...

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real estate joint venture agreement

Real Estate Joint Venture Agreement

Real estate is a tempting investment option if you're interested in putting your mark on something and building wealth. However, not everyone is in a ...

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Palm Beach County Real Estate Outlook 2018

Palm Beach County Real Estate Outlook 2018

2018 promises to be an excellent year to buy a new home in Palm Beach County. 2017 was good for Palm Beach County real ...

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how to choose a contractor

How to Choose a Contractor, A GOOD One!

How to Choose a Contractor to remodel your kitchen or add a family room is harder than it sounds. You want someone who is honest, ...

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investing in land or houses

Investing in Land or Houses Deep Analysis & Advice

You're ready. You have a plan. You have a price range. You even have the funds. Do you buy a developed property -- a house ...

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State of South Florida Housing Market: Q1-2018

South Florida Real Estate Market Trends

Your South Florida Real Estate market trends 2018 edition. What is coming for south florida real estate market trends 2018 Even for those accustomed to ...

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funding for real estate flips

Options: Funding for Real Estate Flips

Off-marketing listings for buyers may not always be an advantage, simply because sometimes a hidden listing creates an allure that leads to a bidding war, ...

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