Real Estate Farming with County Foreclosure Auctions

Real Estate Farming with County Foreclosure Auctions

It always amazes me that investors — and it’s usually the newbies — often use a scattergun approach when looking for properties to buy at ...

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Auction winner finds corpse inside of foreclosed house

Corpse Found in Foreclosure Auction Home

Buying a home at foreclosure auction? It’s not unusual for some things to be left behind for the new owner. Sometimes you get the appliances. ...

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cheap auction sale results

Why are Some Foreclosure Auction Sales so Cheap?

As you look through the previous day’s foreclosure auction results, you see some eye-popping sale prices. Some properties worth $300,000 or more have sold for $50,000, $10,000, and even ...

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kamikaze bidding

Kamikaze Bidding

Just another $500 you say to yourself as your eyes are glued to the monitor that shows you have just been usurped as the leading ...

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foreclosure with tenants

Foreclosure Eviction: Buying A Foreclosure with Tenants?

You just got a fantastic winning bid at a County Foreclosure Auction, and you can already see the dollar signs. You got this property ...

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Investor buys burned down house

Investor Accidentally Pays $238,000 for Burned Down House

$238,000 for a Burned Down House A Florida Man and local Palm Beach County investor buys a house at the foreclosure auction with a winning bid ...

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How to Register at the County Foreclosure Auctions

How to Register for a Foreclosure Auction

Within approximately 10 minutes you can register for a foreclosure auction for any of the Florida County Foreclosure and Tax Deed auctions.  You simply need ...

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