How to Become a Go-To Agent for Investors and Syndicates

As a realtor or broker, you may have heard of a "go-to realtor." But what does it mean, and how can you become one for ...

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Investor-Friendly Agents Help a Newbie Investors

How Can Investor-Friendly Agents Help a Newbie Investor Develop an ROI Strategy?

As a real estate agent, your work is commission-based. That means the more property deals you help close, the more money you make. But regular ...

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Real Estate Scam

Real Estate Investors Scammed for $3,000,000 after NOT doing their Due Diligence!

Our current economy is hardly comparable to the economy our grandparents knew. Unless you have graduated with an advanced degree in a lucrative field, it ...

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The 7 Best New Years Resolutions for 2023 for Property Investors

The 7 Best New Year’s Resolutions for 2023 for Property Investors

The end of the year allows real estate investors to review their 2022 results and set resolutions for the New Year. Setting goals and challenging ...

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Prepare for Investing

Prepare Yourself Mentally to Begin Real Estate Investing

Prepare Yourself Mentally to Begin Real Estate Investing I’m guessing you’re reading this article because you’re preparing yourself to begin real estate investing. If I’m correct, you ...

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Systemize Real Estate Investing

How To Systemize Real Estate Investing with Small Goals

How to Systemize Real Estate Investing With Small Goals & Immediate Action! A successful real estate investing career is built on small, repeatable actions that drive ...

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Real Estate Investor Meeting

Run, Don’t Walk to your Real Estate Investor Meeting

As an investor it is critical to build your network of resources.  How else are you going to grow your portfolio? Where can you find local, ...

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