Look to Tax Deed Sales for Opportunities in a Sellers Market

Look to Tax Deed Sales for Opportunities in a Sellers Market

One of the most interesting and aggressive ways of investing in real estate is through property tax auctions known as a tax deed sale. You have ...

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title search sample intro

Our New Title Search Report; What’s Inside & Why you Need Them Now!

I don't write many articles for PropertyOnion.com these days, much to my business partner Damon's displeasure. My valid excuse is that, as PropertyOnion.com has exploded, most ...

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tax lien lady

Tax Lien Lady Tax Deed Webcast

Tony appeared on Joanne's “Florida Tax Deed Investing Made Easy” Wealth Building Webinar… In this video: How you can find everything that is coming up for auction ...

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Tax Deeds Opening bid

Tax Deeds: How Do They Get to That Opening Bid Number?

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced investor, you’ll be better prepared to bid at online tax deed auctions if you know more than your ...

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Tax Lien Investing

Tax Lien Investing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Many of us have heard of tax lien investing through a friend or coworker, but it’s difficult to find a concrete step-by-step process on HOW ...

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