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Covid-19’s Devastating Effect on the Housing Market

I am not a pessimist; I am a realist or at least I tell myself this all the time.  I am not afraid to look at a situation and see the worst-case scenario as well as the best-case scenario, do some cranial connect the dots and move in the right direction.  With that in mind I, Damon Simon, see 10 years of doom and gloom for the larger part of the economy including most of the real estate market.

Real estate prices are going to fall, you will need to learn how to make money in a distressed market. Are these the mad ramblings of a quarantined real estate analysts and investor, or a genius’s glimpse into an accurate crystal ball? Read my full article on The Effect of Covid-19’s Economic Shut-Down on the Housing Market and decide!

Covid-19 is NOT the End of the World!

Tony Stern paints a brighter picture than I ever could with his slightly more optimistic predictions for Covid-19’s fallout and our markets:

“Damon resides in an office with his team some 20 miles north of my team’s office in Boca Raton, something I am grateful for given his present demeanor.

I have a lot of respect for Damon, he has this annoying habit of being right on a lot of things, but not everything and the keyword here is everything! When Damon showed me a copy of his article for this month’s ‘Peel’ I immediately started to lookup local therapists to purge what my eyes had cast themselves upon.”

Read the rest of Tony Stern’s post-Covid-19 predictions before you gargle the Drano after reading my bleaker darker (and probably right) post Covid-19 analysis.

Removing a Lien after Buying at County Auction

If you are a real estate investor who purchases properties at foreclosure and/or tax deed auctions, then you already know the auction is a bit of a shark tank. There is money to be made, but it is competitive and requires expertise and some knowledge on lien research. Sometimes, you may find you have survived one shark tank only to find yourself in an entirely different one. Removing a lien from a foreclosure or tax deed property will often be necessary. Our attorney Jeff Harrington of Harrington Legal Alliance shares how to navigate various lien encumbrances after auction, and when to call an attorney.

Covid-19 Love on Lockdown; Pro’s and Con’s of Self Isolation

Millions of us here in the US are on Lockdown. Millions of romantic partners are self-isolating together for weeks or months with little else to do except watching your favorite movies, re-runs of your all-time best TV shows, play board games, whilst being bored together to pass the time of day. Could this be a recipe for a baby boom? Or will the close-quarter lockdown fracture and crash millions of relationships already on edge? Our resident love expert peeks into the millions of pop-up Love shacks and paints a picture of love in our new ‘situation’ we are in.

Real Estate Agent Safety for Woman

Another entry into our continuing look at safety issues for women in the Real Estate industry. Real estate agent safety is in the forefront for real estate companies across America. With the ongoing risk of danger for agents, they have implemented a variety of safety techniques to help protect their agents. The goal is to ensure all agents & investors are as safe as possible while showing or viewing homes. Please if you are a female agent or investor, use these common-sense safety tips in your daily work routine.

Pet Entrance Interviews in Condos & HOAs?

pet entrance interviews

Imagine that you’re about to buy a lovely new condo. You’ve done your homework and over-prepared for the inevitable interview in front of the condo board. You’ve submitted years’ worth of financial statements. Your reference letters are impeccable. You can just about feel the keys in your grasp. Then you’re informed that there’s just one last, small matter to take care of “We’d like to meet your pet to ensure they’re a good fit.” Yes, a Pet Entrance Interview for Fido & Fluffy is a growing real trend!

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