The Monthly Peel V18: Christmas

Happy Holidays! ? ? ❄️ ? It’s The Monthly Peel V18 Christmas 2020 Edition! The top funny Christmas Memes of 2020. Top 7 Books to read to crush 2021, ways to avoid going to jail and still profit from pre-foreclosure leads and much more!

see Top Funny Christmas Memes 2020
This Holiday season is full of Bah-Humbugs and Grinches thanks to Covid-19 for many of us.  Don’t let that nasty virus fill your stockings with lumps of coal. Spread the Holiday cheer with our list of the best 2020 Christmas Memes to inoculate yourself with humor, while we all wait for the vaccines in 2021!
Are Electronic Signatures legal
Most of us in the Real Estate business have had to sign something “Electronically” by now.  The electronic signing platforms like DocuSign and others were growing by leaps and bounds and then the coronavirus hit, and it became a life saver.  By some estimates use of electronic signings have gone up over 100% YOY and is expected to be the new norm, even for house closings and notaries. 
The question most of us have pondered is “Is this even legal?” while “adopting” our digital signatures on screens or thumbing our best signature with our finger tips.   Our resident attorney Jeff Harrington from Harrington Legal Alliance pens a legal opinion on how these signatures might or might not hold up in court.
Our Real Estate Agent Level Membership Launches with 10% Commissions
There is much going on within this company’s confines. I could drone on forever about the exciting things we will be adding to the website in the coming months. One project that I’m really excited about — one that I have been working on for well over a year — is now coming to fruition. is ready to share our suite of real estate agent-level tools for real estate agents and brokers or as we call it “Agent-Level Membership“.
Doing this with Pre-Foreclosure Leads will Get You Arrested!
In California 9 real estate investors just got busted preying on pre-foreclosure homeowners to the tune of $6 million!  The scam was a simple one, promise the desperate homeowners that they would stop the foreclosures in exchange for monthly cash payments.  Spoiler alert – they didn’t stop the foreclosures and the unsuspecting homeowners lost everything!
Many investors market to the pre-foreclosure lists in their counties hoping to find a motivated seller with some equity on their bones.   There’s a right way to profit from pre-foreclosures, there’s a wrong way, and there’s a go directly to jail, do not pass Go way!
Why you Need to Find a Good Mortgage Broker & How!
So, you’ve established that you want to invest in real estate. You’ve picked a market to watch and have scoured over the inventory of that market to find a deal worth investing in.
You’ve prepared your finances and you’re ready to make a deal.
The next thing you need is someone to finance the investment for you — that’s where a mortgage broker comes into play.  Know what to look for and how to get one with our fast read article.
7 Ways to Find More Wholesale Deals
When dealing with assigning contracts it’s important to know where and when your next deal is coming. Without a pipeline loaded with potential contracts your business will quickly fizzle and you will wash out.   If your pipeline is thin, especially this time of your,  it’s time to dust off the phone, the printer and the social media messengers and read our primer on how to find more wholesale deals in 2021.
7 Real Estate Investor Books To Help You Crush 2021
It’s an exciting time — a time of reflection. A time of appreciation. And, perhaps most exciting, a time for new beginnings! Did I do what I set out to do this year? What lies ahead in the new year? How can I do better next year?
One of the best ways to answer questions like these is to continue learning and growing. And how do you learn? You read.  What do you read?  Great question! Start with these 7 real estate investor books as a platform to CRUSH your 2021 goals!
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If there’s anything you liked or didn’t like about this email, please click “reply” and let us know!  We would love to get some ideas of what you might be interested in reading about in our next issue.  If we pick your topic we will give you a $25 gift card as a thank you for the idea!
-Happy Holidays, 
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