The Monthly Peel Vol 20

It’s The Monthly Peel! HOA Foreclosure Play for Big Profits at the County Auction, 3 Best & Easiest Ways to Purchase Deeply Discounted Properties, The Best (worst) Real Estate Agent “Dad Jokes”, Real Estate V Stocks, Cat Lady Sued by HOA for feed her cats, Force Appreciation in Multifamily buildings, and so much much more!

The HOA Foreclosure Play
The “Auction Buy to Rent” or buy an HOA Foreclosure play is still hot, hot, hot! The reason, low investment, and a great return if executed correctly. Some have over 30% returns or more.

If you get our weekly stats on sales at auction, you have undoubtedly seen the people buying HOA foreclosures at the county auction and kind of chuckle thinking the investors are dumb or it was a mistake.  But some investors are making a KILLING buying up Association foreclosures, renting them out using this secret formula.   This was a previously well-kept secret until now, and we reveal this previously misunderstood strategy here for our readers.

Real Estate Agent Dad Jokes
If you haven’t heard, we recently launched our “Agent-Level” membership for real estate agents looking for huge bumps in their commissions. Since then, we have been steeped in the agent life talking to all you stressed agents on the phone. After talking for hours with so many agents, all of us here feel like it’s a Sunday evening, and our buyers are asking to see their 30th house of the day, thus impeding our wine o’clock plans.
Let’s blow off some steam with some really punny real estate jokes from my Dad!
Real Estate VS Stocks
The stock market is officially on fire now after taking a severe hit at the beginning of 2020 just 10 months ago or so. Many investors who pulled their money out are trying to decide what makes more sense: investing in real estate or getting back into the stock market.
See which investments make the most sense for you here in our comparative analysis.
How to Force Appreciation in MF investments
Multifamily real estate has gained immense popularity thanks to real estate celebrity gurus like Grant Cardone & others. The catch with finding a deal in multifamily properties is all about knowing how to restore the full market value and then kick the cash flow into hyperdrive and dial down the expenses, especially if you buy that multifamily property in our Tax deed or Foreclosure listings.
These secrets and other tips on forcing appreciation are revealed by our staff multifamily investor expert here.
3 Best & Easiest Ways to Purchase Deeply Discounted Properties
Looking to buy your first or next investment property this year but not sure how to go about securing it for the least amount of money?  Thinking of taking the plunge into Real Estate Investing and not sure about which way to buy your real estate?
In this articlewe will dive into a few of the cheapest ways that you can purchase an investment property in 2021!
Prepare Yourself Mentally to Begin Real Estate Investing
Are you reading this email because you’re preparing yourself to begin real estate investing?  Not sure about how to begin?  Some say take action, but action of any kind that is fruitful needs some preparation and plenty of reading
We walk you through the first steps you need to take in order to give your interest in real estate investing the spark it needs to become more. Get started here before you scroll on!
Types of Mortgages Explained
Mortgages have an objective definition and a subjective one. Enjoy this journey into the dry for some, fascinating for others types of mortgages explained one by one until we get all twenty seven of them done!  Yep, all twenty-seven of them… phew!
Condo Board Sues Poor Old Lady for Feeding her Cats!
You’ve heard the stories about the condominium ninnies looking for any reason to fine their poor unsuspecting residents for the smallest of infractions.   This time, they went after a poor old lady who just wanted to feed her cats.  The association not-pickers couldn’t handle the sight of a little kibble laid out for some hungry fur babies, so they sued her!
Did they go too far this time by dragging this sweet old grandmother and her kitty cats into court?  You decide!
Rooty the quarantined masoct

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