The Monthly Peel V19

It’s The Monthly Peel V19! What are “Zombie foreclosures” and how do you profit with them? The 15 most shocking things found in walls when renovating, How to explode your real estate investing with small goals and so much much more!

The Biden Effect on Real Estate Investing
To the delight of some and the disappointment of others, Joe Biden is the new President of the United States. Like every new administration before, investors are wondering what will Biden’s effect on Real Estate be? The Biden administration has long signaled policies that would repeal many long-standing tax breaks and aim to bolster homeownership for lower-income Americans. 
We break down in this article the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the President's policies!
How To Systemize Real Estate Investing with Small Goals
A successful real estate investing career is built on small, repeatable actions that drive new leads, establish strong relationships, and compound over time. Small goals consistently hit will make or break your investing career.

To start building a successful real estate investing career, you need small goals.  Like a small rock rolling down-hill, the impact of the smaller goals over time will propel you to success. Our resident mentor lays down simple steps and breaks it down for you in bite size income pumping chunks!
Can HOA & Condo Associations Legally do That?
The concept of caveat emptor, “buyer beware,” is ever present at a foreclosure sale of property located within a condominium or homeowners association. But with so much misinformation in the Florida investor community, what exactly should a buyer be aware and wary of in these circumstances?

This legal opinion by our attorney will dispel fact from myth regarding association purchases so that your latest winning bid doesn’t become your last!
Profit from the Latest Covid-19 Low Interest Rates
If you’re reading this, you’re probably in real estate. And if you’re in real estate, you’re probably aware that the world is experiencing two situations right now:
1. A global pandemic
2. A historically low interest rate environment
Expert mortgage broker crafts excellent strategies on how to profit in the short and long term with the historically low interest rate before they go back up!
How to Start a Real Estate Group
As the pandemic wanes and socially distant Meetups and real estate clubs have begun to once again come together you might wonder how to start your own real estate group?  Perhaps you are looking to find like-minded investors for your particular niche, strategic partners for your next deal.
This article shows you how to start your very own group from scratch!
Shocking Things People Found in their Wall in the Last Decade
In recent news, homeowners pried away siding on their house to find 60 bootlegged alcohol bottles from the Prohibition era. It turns out the bootlegged alcohol is actually worth about $1,000 per bottle!
This got us thinking, what other objects hidden behind walls have been found by homeowners?
Here is a list of shocking things people found in their wall in the last decade.
How to Make Money With Zombie Foreclosures
There seems to be about a thousand ways to make money in real estate, although few sound as spooky as zombie foreclosures. While it could make for an interesting workday, we promise that no zombies are actually involved.
So, what is a zombie foreclosure, and how can you make money with zombie foreclosures?  No weapons or survival gear needed, just sit back and read this article today.
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