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Real Estate Farming with County Foreclosure Auctions

If you are an experienced investor surely you have your “Real Estate Farm” setup and making you cash. Real Estate Farming is selecting an area you are very familiar with, and focus your marketing for buying and selling. Are you setup so your County Foreclosure Auctions alert you when a property is scheduled for the auction block? Do you not know what a “Real Estate Farm” is? You need to begin Real Estate Farming with foreclosure auctions now!

Guard Cat Attacks Real Estate Agent

Imagine starting your day like any other. You get up, eat breakfast, shower, pick out your clothes for the day, completely unaware that you are going to come face to face with the meanest housecat in the world. Oh you think you’ve seen a temperamental kitty cat before? I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like what Cassie Sonnentag faced when she went into a home alone before a showing. Watch Real Estate Agent Cat Attack video.

Armed Female Real Estate Agent Shoots Attacker at Open House

Thanks to a concealed carrying female real estate agent, she survived an attack from a man who showed up at her open house. Dawna Hetzler, a 14-year veteran of the real estate industry, arrived at her showing at the Aspen Condominiums for a scheduled open house on a Sunday starting at 11:30 am.  Her attacker, Ernest Chrisman, arrived at the door expressing interest in the property. He was asking detailed questions about the home. Hetzler said that he was asking questions that seemed believable including how long it had been on the market, about loans he may qualify for and other related topics to the showing. Hetzler now helps other woman stay safe in the Real Estate industry. See why this female real estate agent armed herself and how it saved her life.

Stoned Florida Man Paints House Technicolor, HOA not Happy!

If you’re considering adding a splash of color to brighten up your drab home décor, you normally don’t bother consulting with your neighbors first. Most Homeowners Associations require color approval, but this guy was too high to care. A Naples, Fla. man who went a little overboard with his choice of artistic enhancements and his technicolor nightmare of a house, he even painted the windows!

Winning Bidder finds Corpse in Foreclosure Auction Home

Buying a home at foreclosure auction? It’s not unusual for some things to be left behind for the new owner. Sometimes you get the appliances. Sometimes you get the curtains or drapes. Sometimes you get the previous owner’s dead body. That’s what happened recently when one winning bidder took receipt of their purchase from a foreclosure auction. Neighbors say that the 39 year-old woman that lived there had special needs and was being taken care of by her grandmother until a year ago. Read this investor’s shocking story and watch the interview with the neighbor who was friends with the recently foreclosed and deceased.

Millennials own almost no Real Estate – Buy Rentals!

Millennials own no real estate

Compared to previous generations Millennials own hardly any real estate. Millennials own only 4% of American real estate by value — a lot less than the 32% of real estate value baby boomers owned at their age. There just isn’t enough starter homes (hint: build some & profit) and many just perceive renting as cheaper (hint buy lots of rental units & profit more). Read the full story here.

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