Monthly Peel Halloween edition

The Monthly Peel V16: Halloween

? It’s The Monthly Peel V16: Halloween! 13 of the scariest listing pics we could find on the MLS. Increase your rental profits using these techniques. SBA Loans are a major red flag when buying at auction!

??? It’s The Monthly Peel V16: Halloween!

Real Estate Agent Poses 12-foot Tall Skeleton Families in her Listing Pics
It can be tricky to make property listings stand out, but real estate agent Donna Kerr found a seasonally appropriate way to do just that. Using skeletons in a variety of shapes and sizes, Kerr created and photographed charming (but slightly spooky) scenes in her properties.
The otherworldly photos quickly gained traction, helping Kerr sell properties. Check out the photos yourself for some inspiration!  
How to Find the Perfect Tenant, Even Now!
The wrong tenants can destroy your property, drain your bank account, and break you down slowly — obviously, they must be avoided at all costs. As a landlord, it can sometimes feel like there are no good tenants out there, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! You just have to weed out the bad ones first.
And how do you do that? It’s simple. Use our top tips for finding the perfect tenants to fill your properties with people who won’t increase your blood pressure.
See How to Increase Your Rental Profits Now!
Simply owning rental properties won’t magically bring money into your bank account. However, there are actions that literally every property owner — yes, that means you — can take to increase profits and majorly decrease stress.
For example, when was the last time you beautified your properties? Even the smallest changes, like pulling weeds, can have a big impact on potential renters. For more of these essential strategies, study up on our article about increasing your rental profits.
Watch Out for SBA Mortgages in County Foreclosure and Tax Deed Auctions!
SBA Loans are all the rage with the government mandating them to lend all over the place with the pandemic economy.  When doing your due diligence before bidding on a county foreclosure or tax deed property, you may come across an SBA loan. What are these loans, and how do they impact you?

Well, it’s not exactly simple. That’s why we wrote an article about it! One thing is certain, though — if you win a property with an SBA loan on the chain of title without understanding how the loan works, then you risk losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. So, read up!
How to Snowball your Rental Portfolio for Explosive Growth
When you first begin investing in real estate, it can be easy to get discouraged. The most successful investors, however, are those who push through that feeling and find new, creative ways to grow their wealth.
You’ll quickly discover that there are a number of ways to snowball your rental portfolio. Not all will be the right strategy for you, but diving into just one of the four methods we describe can bring you massive results.
13 Florida Cities on U.S. News & World Report List of Best Places to Retire
Those looking to retire (i.e., baby boomers) can’t go wrong with Florida. Whether it be the sandy beaches, balmy winter weather, or plethora of fun activities, there’s something for every retiree to enjoy in the Sunshine State.
That’s why it’s no surprise that 13 of the 25 best cities to retire to — according to U.S. News and World Report — are in Florida. Both those looking to spend retirement in bliss and those itching to invest in properties would be smart to consider these beautiful cities
13 Scariest Listing Pictures for Halloween!
Sure, eerie ghosts, vicious vampires, and bloodthirsty zombies are scary, but you know what we think is even scarier?
Some of the listing pictures on the MLS. That’s right — these pictures of homes that should probably be condemned but instead will be the star of your next nightmare. 
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