The Monthly Peel Vol.13

It’s The Monthly Peel V13: Tax Lien Investing 101 – New hot micro-term rentals, & Florida Foreclosures are almost back!  Grandma gets kicked out of her treehouse in Maimi, How to evict a tenant yourself in 5 simple steps & more!

Tax Lien Investing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Tax lien investing has the potential to bring you massive profits, but only if you know what you’re doing. What is a tax lien? How do they work? What happens at a tax deed auction?
Find the answers to your biggest tax lien investing questions in this article by none other than Professor Tax Deed, our resident tax deed authority. One article won’t make you an expert, but once you have the basics down, you’ll be well on your way to tax lien investing success. 

Florida Foreclosures Sales Are (Probably) Coming Very Soon

If you’ve been feeling the crunch from COVID-19’s impact on the Florida real estate industry, you’ll be interested to know that the market is shifting. As many of the benefits from the CARES Act come to an end, we predict that there will be an uptick in foreclosures.  Florida is expected to be one of the top foreclosure states in the country next year.
With the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures expiring in days, many counties are preparing to open the auctions again. Will the Governor step in at the last minute like last month and extend the moratorium? Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball, so the best we can do is provide you with details on what’s changed and recommendations for the coming months.

Grandma  Living in Treehouse Got Kicked Out

Have you ever dreamed of throwing away your possessions, selling your home, and moving into a treehouse? 
If so, Shawnee Chasser lived your dream life. Without sacrificing amenities like electricity and wi-fi, Chasser lived in a Miami-Dade County treehouse for over ten years — but everything changed in 2016. After being fined thousands of dollars, Chasser was ultimately told that her treehouse had to be torn down due to violation of safety codes and lack of permits.

How to Evict a Tenant in 5 Simple Steps Yourself

Few things feel greater than winning a property at auction, but your initial excitement might fade when you realize that you need to remove the tenants. This step is called eviction.
As the property owner, you can evict the tenant yourself. Sound daunting? If you follow the right steps, you’ll have your property back up and working for you in no time. 
Eviction is never fun, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Read more to learn about the steps you’ll need to take to evict a tenant yourself

Micro-Term Rentals & Micro Pods Are the Next Big Thing: Here’s Why

Let’s face it: Working at home can be a drag. From the barking dogs to the incessant lawn mowing just outside your window, it can be next to impossible to find some peace and quiet. Is there a solution?
Yes, and it comes in the form of micro-term rentals and micro pods. Micro-term rentals are ultra-short rentals — think hourly increments — that provide people with an easy way to escape the noise. A great vehicle for micro-term rentals are micro pods, which are basically tiny spaces built for brief rest or work.
Read more about why we think micro-term rentals and micro pods are going to explode in popularity and how to position yourself to profit from this new trend.

You Won the Foreclosure Auction – This is What Happens Next

Congratulations! Winning a property at a county foreclosure auction is a huge step in your investing journey. But if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what happens next, you should probably read this article first.
Sure, everyone has plans on what to DO to the property after the auction, but what happens in the next ten days after you win will literally make or break your deal!
From sorting out paperwork to protecting your new property with a moat and alligators (just kidding — we promise it’s not that drastic), you’ll learn everything you need to know here.

Tax Deeds: How Do They Get to That Opening Bid Number?

While it may not be the most exciting part of real estate, knowing the ins and outs of how tax deed sales work is crucial to pre-auction due diligence — and that includes opening bid numbers.
A tax deed auction always begins with an opening bid number. This number is not an arbitrary amount determined by the powers that be; instead, a few different factors influence it.
In this article, our attorney contributor Natalia explains everything that goes into determining the opening bid number you see on auction day.
Tax Deeds: How Do They Get to That Opening Bid Number?
You don’t have to be a pirate to find treasure! Every so often, a lucky person hits the homeowner lottery by moving into a house with hidden riches. Could you be next?  
Millions have been found hiding in walls, behind cabinets and in fireplaces!
Check out some of these incredibly valuable finds here, and don’t forget to investigate your new flip property for the sweet sweet loot!
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