How to use Spreadsheet View to search for properties

Walkthrough of using Spreadsheet View

It's simply the fastest way to view a massive amount of data of upcoming auctions or previous foreclosure data. Spreadsheets are great for research and ...

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Save your search for notification of matches feature

Walkthrough on Saving Searches

If you take the time to drill down on the location of a property, bed, bath sqft, and more to get a perfect list of ...

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Save your favorite property feature

Walkthrough of Saving Favorite Properties

Walkthrough video showing you how to use our saved property feature. Searching through hundreds of upcoming foreclosure, tax deed and wholesale properties is a big ...

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Video on how to move map to search for properties and live update results

Walkthrough on Move Map to Search Feature

A great way to search for properties in an area you are interested in is to view the deals on a map.  What if you ...

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Draw on Map To search feature

Walkthrough on Draw on Map to Search

Walkthrough showing how to use our "Draw On Map to Search" feature.  This feature allows you to create a line boundary on our search map ...

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This video has a 5 minute intro on what it was like to find deals BEFORE, and how and why it was created.  Then ...

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How to Register at the County Foreclosure Auctions

How to Register for a Foreclosure Auction

Within approximately 10 minutes you can register for a foreclosure auction for any of the Florida County Foreclosure and Tax Deed auctions.  You simply need ...

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broward foreclosure auction video

Broward Foreclosure Auction Video Walkthrough Registration

This is how you register with the Broward County Foreclosure & Tax Deed Auction.  The registration process is fairly simple and straightforward and we walk ...

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interview with foreclosure auction master Joe Perez

Joe Perez Interview

We sit down for a hard hitting Joe Perez interview and get his take on becoming one of the most successful county foreclosure auction bidders ...

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Palm Beach Foreclosure video guide

Palm Beach Foreclosure Auction Video Walkthrough

This is how you register with the Palm Beach Foreclosure & Tax Deed Auction.  The registration process is fairly simple and straightforward and we walk ...

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